Summer Instagram Photo Contest Winner

Anna Weeks, Multimedia Contributor

Tip toeing through the library helps Hussain Al Balushi more than just conquer finals week. Reaching for an on-pointe book also wins Instagram contests.

Oregon State’s Summer Session Instagram Contest has come to a close with Al Balushi claiming the title of “The Ultimate Summer Photo.” A total of six winners were selected by the Summer Session staff throughout the first six weeks of summer classes.

After winning the competition on week four and receiving a $50 Visa gift card, Al Balushi competed with the other five weekly photo winners to achieve a grand prize of a $250 Visa gift card. His photo was perceived well on social media securing the most favorites and likes, which ultimately dubbed Al Balushi the reigning Summer Session Instagram Champion.

Al Balushi has waited an entire year to compete in this annual Instagram contest. He heard about the contest last year, but was unable to participate because he was not staying in Corvallis for the summer.

“I put it in my calendar to just remind myself. Then when I decided to spend my summer here this year, it popped up on my calendar to participate in the summer contest,” said Al Balushi.

The pictures each highlighted life during the summer at Oregon State University. Photos included landscapes, aerial shots, buildings on campus, and many more. Hussain Al Balushi’s winning photo featured a ballet dancer holding up a book in Austin Hall.

“I tried to connect both dancing and summer session studying, school, and all that,” said Al Balushi.

Photography first caught his eye while on a school fieldtrip. After borrowing his friend’s camera for about three years, Al Balushi got his own DSLR camera following his high school graduation.

While Al Balushi also enjoys graphic design, music, and sports, photography remains his number one interest.

“This photo might not mean anything to you right now, but look at it two years from now, three years from now and you can be like, ‘Wow this was me.’ It’ll bring out really good memories.”

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