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John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, was known not only for his gambling habits, but more famously for  claiming to be the eponymous inventor of the sandwich. Even though John Montagu died in 1792, the growing popularity of the sandwich could not be stopped. Today, Corvallis is home to a large and diverse collection of sandwich shops that students and locals can enjoy.

Jimmy John’s, located on Monroe Avenue, is a very widely known sandwich shop that has remained a staple of Corvallis for quite some time. Their employees can often be seen delivering food by bike throughout campus. One of the most popular sandwiches that Jimmy John’s has to offer is the number nine, better known as the Italian Night Club. Additionally, for the iconic “broke college student” Jimmy John’s offers 50 cent loafs of day old bread which are as tasty as they are cheap.

Togo’s, located both  in the Memorial Union and on 9th Street, are also well known and frequently hailed for their quality. Togo’s offers a wide variety of cold, hot, veggie and toasted sandwiches, as well as offering soups such as Broccoli Cheddar. Some of their most popular sandwiches involve pastrami, such as their number nine, the Signature Pastrami, and their number 10, the Pastrami Reuben. Togo’s is also well known for their ability to cater an event.

Subway is one the most popular food chains in the world, as they have over 10,000 international restaurants. As it so happens, Corvallis has several Subway locations such as the one on Monroe Avenue and the one on 9th Street. Subway is famous for its pseudo “build your own sandwich” approach as well as multiple promotional phrases and market concepts such as “eat fresh” and the “$5 foot longs”. Popular sandwiches of Subway include the Italian B.M.T., the Meatball Marinara, and the new Thick Cut Carved Turkey.

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