Gas leak causes evacuation of Oak Creek building

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor

Corvallis Fire Department evacuated the Oak Creek Building on Thursday due to a gas leak on the second floor. The evacuation intended to eliminate risk to those at the scene while the gas is ventilated from the building.

According Jim Patton, fire prevention officer for the Corvallis Fire Department, the dangerous contents leaking out of the tank is still currently being ventilated from the building and the ventilation process is predicted to take two hours. 

Both the building and its surrounding street, the boulevard between SW 30th Street and SW 35th Street, will remain closed until later today. 

Patton said that the building and surrounding area have been evacuated to protect lives and minimize exposure to the leaked gas. Once ventilation is complete and the Corvallis Fire Department deems the area safe, Oak Creek Building and the surrounding area will be open to the public again. Until an official statement from OSU or Corvallis Fire Department has been issued stating the safety of the area, individuals are asked to avoid Oak Creek Building.

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