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The Dixon Lodge houses the Collegiate Recovery Community on the OSU Corvallis campus. The CRC Clubhouse is located on the east side of Dixon Lodge and through the glass door labeled “Clubhouse.” 

OSU students with history of addiction find solidarity, support in Collegiate Recovery Community

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
January 6, 2020

Correction: This article had previously left out the full name of the Joan and Tom Skoro Collegiate Recovery Community. The term 'substance abuse' was also used in this article, which has now been updated...

Rachel Josephson, ASOSU president, and Drew Desilet, ASOSU faculty advisor, during the SFC unit presentations.

Student Fee Committee meets to hear student-fee funded unit presentations

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
November 25, 2019

Correction: This article was previously unclear regarding the HSRC decision packages and dollar amounts. Additionally, Nicole Hindes' name was misspelled. These issues have been resolved. The Barometer...

The Benton County Health Department facilitates the Home, Opportunity, Planning and Equity Advisory Board, who aims to develop a recommended course of action to battle homelessness in Corvallis.

Corvallis’ first homeless shelter for women over the age of 55 opens

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
November 4, 2019

Corvallis Housing First in partnership with Room at the Inn has opened Corvallis’ first shelter for homeless women over 55, Dede’s Home while continuing to manage the coldweather overnight shelter. Dede’s...

General ASOSU Graphic

ASOSU begins fall meetings

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
October 7, 2019

The Associated Students of Oregon State University, OSU’s student government, jumped back into discussing new bills and committees at the first Senate and House meetings of the academic year. ASOSU...

Greek House Homecoming Sign from 1968. 

Homecoming events aim to bring together students, alumni

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
October 7, 2019

While Homecoming traditions have changed since their first occurrence in 1889, the event continues to serve as a celebration of community at Oregon State University.This year’s Homecoming is centralized...

Dam Diverse Dance, also known as 3D, walks off the stage following their silent protest on stage at Take Back the Night 2019.

Dam Diverse Dance disinvited from Take Back the Night, performance allegedly labeled ‘too sexual’

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
May 2, 2019

Instead of performing on stage at Take Back the Night last Thursday, Dam Diverse Dance, or 3D, stood in silent protest of their disinvitation from the event due to the alleged labeling of their intended...


Survivors, allies take back the night

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
April 29, 2019

Marching through campus, survivors and allies rallied to take back the night on Thursday.Take Back the Night, a yearly event held at Oregon State University during sexual assault awareness month, brought...


Athletes grapple with sudden cut of swimming program

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
April 15, 2019

After receiving the news that the women’s swim program would be cut after this current season, players now deal with deciding what is best for their future: ending their swim careers or leaving lives...


Wildfire research team receives $2.1 million grant

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
April 8, 2019

A new Oregon State University wildfire research team has received a $2.1 million grant to study the differences in combustion of live and dried fuels, and is hoping to help further wildfire prevention...

vole hole

Graduate teaching assistants balance tight schedules with early preparation

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
April 1, 2019

The responsibility of leading and structuring a class is a large time commitment for Oregon State University’s graduate teaching assistants, meaning they began prepping for spring term while many other...


OSU encourages alternative solutions to students’ parking complaints

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
March 11, 2019

Students and faculty facing frustration while finding on-campus parking are encouraged by Oregon State University to consider alternative transportation methods.The Transportation Services office believes...


University takes responsibility for misconduct of sheep surgeries

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
March 4, 2019

Following Oregon State University’s handling of improper surgeries on sheep, activist group Stop Animal Exploitation Now! Is calling for larger penalties due to the severity of the situation.In April...

Oaks Creek Gas Leak

Gas leak causes evacuation of Oak Creek building

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
February 28, 2019

Corvallis Fire Department evacuated the Oak Creek Building on Thursday due to a gas leak on the second floor. The evacuation intended to eliminate risk to those at the scene while the gas is ventilated...

tenant rights

Communication between landlord, tenant needed to address damages

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
February 18, 2019

After Oregon State University first-year students fulfill their live-on requirement in the residence halls, some of these students become first-time renters. When searching for a place to rent, students...

Meal Prep

Experts say plan meals, eat mindfully

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
February 18, 2019

Learning to plan meals may prove to be difficult for many Oregon State University students when on and off-campus, as they transition from having meals prepared at home.There has been a popularization...

Kelley Engineering Center holds many engineering classrooms.

Redefining pro-school in the College of Engineering

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
February 17, 2019

During the Pre-Engineering Town Hall last Wednesday, students were informed of the Oregon State University administration’s decision to eliminate the old pro-school application process from the College...

Valentines Day in Corvallis

Couples balancing school, relationships make time for Valentine’s Day

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
February 14, 2019

As Oregon State University students begin to shift into study-intensive mode in preparation for midterms, some couples, who met on campus, also have Valentine’s Day to get ready for. For many of these...

International students

International students face increasingly difficult admissions, immigration process

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
January 28, 2019

Dropping national and local rates of international students that apply to U.S. colleges may reflect the difficulties these students go through to come here.Factors like demand, international economic fluctuations...


Recommended deadline approaches for ScholarDollars online search portal

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
January 24, 2019

ScholarDollars, an online search and application tool for Oregon State University scholarships, launched Nov. 1, 2018 with a goal of connecting students to potential sources of funding.Colleen Conniff,...


Schools grapple with esports’ toxic image

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
November 19, 2018

With the rise of esports looming on the horizon, the gaming community has made a push to clean up its image and shift focus onto diversity and acceptance through better communication.The Oregon State University...


World War I brought new academic opportunities

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
November 13, 2018

Brochures for Oregon State University frequently mention the Memorial Union, one of the most recognizable sights on campus, as well as the constantly growing engineering programs; however, neither of these...

AI Symposium

Artificial Intelligence Symposium highlights

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor and Jaycee Kalama
October 23, 2018

11 a.m. to noonThe first panel of the symposium began at 11:05 a.m. and reached a broad range of topics during the discussion entitled “The good, the bad, and the ugly of AI and robotics.”  The speakers...


No more fear, robots are here

Morgan Mawn, News Contributor
October 21, 2018

From ‘Terminator’ to ‘Westworld,’ artificial intelligence has developed a negative reputation amongst the American public. AI and robotics expert, assistant professor at Oregon State University...

Senior middle blocker Maddie Gravley (LEFT) and junior outside hitter Amy Undertown (RIGHT) celebrate with their teammates after going up on Stanford in the fourth set. 

Live Game Updates: OSU Volleyball vs. California

Morgan Mawn, Print Contributor
October 19, 2018

Location: Gill Coliseum, Corvallis Ore. Start time: 7 p.m.Final Score: 1-3 StanfordAfter three consecutive losses on the road, OSU Volleyball (10-10) returns to Gill Coliseum tonight to try to earn...

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