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An illustration depicting a Corvallis neighborhood being given $10,000 for a community enrichment project from the City of Corvallis. The Epowerment Grant recently reopened after a one-year pause for COVID-19, providing the opportunity for community neighborhoods and organizations to apply and potentially earn a portion of the $10,000 available.

The Empowerment Grant reopens after one-year COVID-19 pause

Lara Rivera, News Contributor
February 9, 2022

The Empowerment Grant, offered by the City of Corvallis for neighborhood and community grants, opened again on Feb.1 after a one-year pause due to COVID-19.  The Empowerment Grant was on hiatus until...

Oregon State University students return to campus and Corvallis, Ore. residents and businesses respond to the influx of population in the city. Approximately 20,000 OSU students call Corvallis home each year.

Benton County and City of Corvallis optimistic about student population influx

Local experts encourage mask-wearing and vaccination against COVID-19
Ashton McCracken, News Contributor
September 27, 2021

As leaves begin to fall in Corvallis, Ore., preparing for fresh beginnings, thousands of students have arrived on campus to pursue new growth in their lives amidst a pandemic. Students’...

As outdoor seating has become more and more common in Corvallis, McMenamins on Monroe allows for a blend of social distancing with the feel of a restaurant that’s missed due to COVID-19 restrictions tightening in Benton County.

Benton County to stay in ‘high risk’ category; COVID-19 cases rising

Kelsy Valentine, News Contributor
May 10, 2021

Clarification: We have updated information in this article provided by Marion Ceraso to give more clarification.Positive COVID-19 cases are rising again in Benton County after declining for several months,...

The Corvallis City Hall building is located downtown on Madison Avenue. OMN archive taken Feb. 2020. 

Corvallis city offices reopen following COVID-19 shutdowns

Adam Figgins, News Contributor
April 20, 2021

Since Benton county moved from extreme risk to high risk, the Corvallis city offices are open as of Mar. 29.  However, the Corvallis library will not be opening.COVID-19 death rates have declined in Oregon...

If Corvallis does lose its status as a metro city, it is possible that the city could lose some of its federal financial resources. Corvallis currently receives funding for transportation—such as street infrastructure improvement and maintenance as well as public transportation.

Corvallis at risk of losing ‘metro city’ title

Kelsy Valentine, News Contributor
April 12, 2021

The Federal Office of Management and Budget proposed an idea in August 2019 to increase the threshold that classifies a city as a metro city; if passed, Crovallis, Ore. will lose its metro city title. Since...

A photo illustration created to show the various topics the city section of The Barometer focuses on. After several years working within Orange Media Network, Joe Wolf was appointed to be the first city editor for The Barometer. 

City section welcomed to The Daily Barometer in 2020

Jeremiah Estrada, News Contributor
March 1, 2021

Oregon State University’s The Daily Barometer introduced the city section to the newspaper a year ago in 2020 and since then, this addition has opened more opportunities and the section aims to provide...

The City of Corvallis plan for the nonpayment of utility bills to be considered again as the COVID-19 pandemic worsens. The policy will be for all city-related utilities.

City of Corvallis creates assistance programs to aid water payments

Angela Tam, News Contributor
December 6, 2020

Although Corvallis has resumed shutting off water for nonpayment, Public Information Officer Patrick Rollens stated that water service shut-offs are a last resort, after the city has exhausted all other...

The front door of Lupe’s, displaying their hours and availability during Oregon’s two week freeze.  Due to the two week freeze, many restaurants are staying open for shorter hours and only doing takeout orders.

Corvallis during Oregon’s two-week freeze

Jeremiah Estrada, News Contributor
November 30, 2020

The statewide two-week freeze that started on Nov. 18, will be in effect until Dec. 2, and limits gatherings in establishments throughout the city of Corvallis, Ore. to decrease the spread of COVID-19...

The 2020 census can be filled out online. Census takers will not be able to go door to door during the coronavirus pandemic.

Explained: What Oregon State University students need to know about the 2020 census

Millicent Durand, News Contributor
April 8, 2020

The 2020 census—conducted once every decade—will attempt to count the population of the United States to determine Congressional districts as well as some federal funding.However, there are a number...

Two cyclists wait behind a car as they navigate their way around downtown Corvallis. The Corvallis City Council recently voted to direct funds toward future safety projects.

Corvallis City Council approves amendment to set aside funds for pedestrian, cyclist safety

William Ross, News Contributor
February 24, 2020

After sustained community pressure, the Corvallis City Council reached a decision regarding pedestrian and cyclist safety funding going forward.The Corvallis City Council passed an amendment to the Transportation...

Corvallis Housing and Neighborhood Coordinator Tracy Oulman, center, explaining to community members like Mark Files, right, the benefits of applying for Empowerment Grants.

2020 Corvallis Empowerment Grant program applications open

Tosca Ruotolo, News Contributor
February 10, 2020

The Corvallis Empowerment Grant program is open for applications until 5 p.m. on March 1.It offers a total of $10,000 of funds to allot to the projects that, according to the City of Corvallis website,...

(2020) Jay Thatcher, a Corvallis resident and retired physical education teacher, speaks to the City Council about the hazards on Third St. on Feb. 3. The street has been the site of two pedestrian deaths within the last few years, the most recent occurred in early January when an 11-year-old girl was struck by a car while crossing in a designated crosswalk.

Corvallis City Council to vote again on pedestrian, cyclist safety funding

William Ross, News Contributor
February 10, 2020

On Feb. 18, the Corvallis City Council will come to a final vote on an amendment directing at least 1% of the Transportation Maintenance Fee for pedestrian and bike safety, which would total between $24,000-26,000.The...

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