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Firing Line: Can the mental health crisis be averted with therapy?

Firing Line: Can the mental health crisis be averted with therapy?

Alexander Banks, Columnist
May 2, 2023

Editor’s Note: This column does not represent the opinion of The Daily Barometer. This column reflects the personal opinions of the writer. High rates of mental illness raise concerns on whether treatment...

A digital illustration created by MidJourney with the prompt: Digital illustration, 20 year old (male) reading book facing camera, next to working professional 50 year old (female) facing camera, natural gradient background, left side natural lighting, detailed, high quality

It’s a whole new world with artificial intelligence

With an AI revolution on the horizon how will AI change life, the workplace and the classroom for future generations?
Zeva Rosenbaum, News Contributor
May 1, 2023

Artificial Intelligence, something once seemingly reserved for sci-fi films like The Terminator and Blade Runner, has now become a part of everyday life thanks to the rise of AI programs like ChatGPT that...

‘Cassie’ breaks 100-meter dash record for a bipedal robot

‘Cassie’ breaks 100-meter dash record for a bipedal robot

Haley Stark, Reporter
October 11, 2022

Oregon State University has a new track star in the making. Following its completion of a five-kilometer run last summer, Guinness World Records confirmed that Cassie’s 100-meter dash is the fastest...

Second-year Ph.D student in robotics Alexandra Bacula types a code into a computer in the CHARISMA Research Lab, located in Graf Hall, to be translated into a language the robots located in the lab can understand and react to. This photo was taken on Feb. 10, 2020.

CHARISMA lab aims to study human-robot interaction through performance

Jade Minzlaff, News Contributor
April 4, 2020

Oregon State University computer science professor Heather Knight is the founder and director of the CHARISMA robotics laboratory, which aims to study how humans and robots interact through collaborative...

Assistant Professor Naomi Fitter holds a microphone to comedy robot Jon the Robot.

Oregon State University professor uses entertainment robot to educate

Lillian Nomie, News Contributor
April 29, 2019

Oregon State University’s robots are learning to perform comedy, and researchers like Naomi Fitter, assistant professor for the School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, are using...

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