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The Daily Barometer

Former ASOSU Vice President Radhika Shah and current President Simon Brundage began their positions on June 1, 2017. Shahs last day of work was Feb. 16, 2018, when she resigned feeling unsupported in her position.

Old rules for a new administration

Joe Wolf, Editor-in-Chief
June 26, 2017

Shortly before leaving office at the beginning of June, former Associated Students of Oregon State University President Rachel Grisham issued two executive orders: one that moved the Student Health Services...

Oregon State University President Ed Ray.

OSU President Ed Ray responds to President Trump’s executive orders

The Barometer
January 30, 2017

The morning of Jan. 30, 2017, Oregon State University President Ed Ray sent an email to the all student list titled "Executive orders are unfair, OSU will remain a sanctuary university."The following is...

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