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The Daily Barometer

The Daily Barometer

An illustration depicting a Corvallis neighborhood being given $10,000 for a community enrichment project from the City of Corvallis. The Epowerment Grant recently reopened after a one-year pause for COVID-19, providing the opportunity for community neighborhoods and organizations to apply and potentially earn a portion of the $10,000 available.

The Empowerment Grant reopens after one-year COVID-19 pause

Lara Rivera, News Contributor
February 9, 2022

The Empowerment Grant, offered by the City of Corvallis for neighborhood and community grants, opened again on Feb.1 after a one-year pause due to COVID-19.  The Empowerment Grant was on hiatus until...

General Crime Graphic

Bias crime assault suspect Rackley appears in court, judge reassigns case to track with co-defendants’ court dates

Sukhjot Sal, News Reporter
December 9, 2021

In suspect Kyle Rackley’s first personal court appearance, parties provided case updates, and Judge Joan Demarest of the Benton County Circuit Court assigned Rackley’s case to Judge Locke Williams’...

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