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Matthew Edwards, a candidate for the ASOSU House of Representatives, has recently been accused by We Can Do The Work of being an alleged white supremacist. The accusations stemmed from a controversy involving his leadership role in the College Republicans at OSU; the group showed support for the University of Oregons College Republicans, who attended a Stop the Steal rally at the Oregon Capitol in Salem in November 2020. 

Student activist group accuses ASOSU candidate of being a white supremacist

Ramzy Al-Mulla, News Contributor
February 18, 2021

Matthew Edwards, an Oregon State University student and candidate running for an Associated Students of OSU House of Representatives position, was accused in social media posts on Feb. 12 of being a white...

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Al Mulla: Examination of local Antifa groups is important

Ramzy Al Mulla, Columnist
September 28, 2020

Editor’s Note: This column does not represent the opinion of The Daily Barometer. This column reflects the personal opinions of the writer."Put your sword back in its place," Jesus said to him, "for...

Ramzy Al-Mulla said, Of all the technological advancements seen in the past century, the Internet is perhaps most revolutionary in terms of how it has influenced our day-to-day lives. Having access to limitless knowledge can have both positive and negative effects. 

Al-Mulla: internet connectivity perilous

Ramzy Al-Mulla, Columnist
March 9, 2020

It has become resoundingly clear that our accelerating rate of innovation has not been given the respect it deserves, and such negligence will prove to be a defining issue of our time.Of all the technological...

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Al-Mulla: Screen-Time Generation

Ramzy Al-Mulla, Columnist
November 19, 2018

Growing up, some of the most gratifying events were when my parents granted me access to some new way to use the internet. I remember the excitement of making my first email account, and how great it was...

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