Yeas & Nays: April 8

Yea to surviving week two of spring term. We never feel like spring break lasts long enough, but we’ll live.

Nay to any midterms that pop up to haunt us as soon as week three.

Yea to the return of longer days, sunshine and beautiful spring weather. Summer is within reach again.

Nay to the awful outbreak of Norovirus that wants to remind us that we’re just now escaping winter.

Yea to elections processes and voting. Remember that polls close Friday night at 10 p.m.

Nay to the continued amount of tuition increases we’ve seen year after year. There has to be some way for our government—state and student—to resolve this clearly unsustainable funding model.

Yea to the premise of lowering the costs of tuition, textbooks and many other objects that we can’t seem to afford on our own.

Nay to having to spend nearly $250,000 in university general funds because of the EPA fines. We can’t help but wonder where we’re going to make up for the costs of such—ahh, crap.

Yea to overwhelming amounts of food for cheap prices (thank you, college campus diets).

Nay to potentially gaining “the freshman 15” … when it’s your senior year.

Yea to relieving one’s self through any form of self-expression.

Nay to drawing any sort of blanks on ideas.

Yea to OSU women’s basketball making it to the final four tournaments. Though we lost against UConn, the team still managed to pull through and make Beaver Nation history.

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