Donald Trump fans represent sign of serious unaddressed social problems

Sean Bassinger

Trump lost some traction over the weekend.

Super Saturday, which saw primary and caucus contests take place in Puerto Rico, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine and Louisiana, only gave two additional state wins to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Though he’s (arguably) just as frightening as Trump, candidate Ted Cruz now has a delegate count nearing 300, which is merely 84 delegates shy of Trump as the front-runner, according to information from the Associated Press.

Cue the applause and sighs of relief, as establishment Republicans and outsiders who hold fears of Trump’s support seeming scarily like Hitler’s rise to power find something to agree on: the man must be stopped.

But even after the fact, we have another huge, huge problem on our hands:

The man’s supporters.

It’s easy to feel like we’ve accomplished something by merely making sure that the White House doesn’t become “The Trump House” come November.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to be so easy.

Trump supporters will not merely abandon their concerns if he doesn’t win the election. No, these folks will likely find other ways to speak and (hopefully not) act out their frustrations. Just search “Trump rally” in YouTube and prepare to be mortified by his fans.

Something happened to their vague, non-existent vision of “America” and they’re ticked off—they want some change.

Second, one has to consider the premise that Trump himself is less of a disease and more of a symptom.

To rephrase some of the more profane quotes from John Oliver, Trump (or Drumpf) is a professional scam artist.

More often than not he appears to turn a profit off the misfortune and exploitation of others.

Makes sense, because what better way to find angry people than search for a mass group of frightened sheep?

And these people don’t have time to sit back and critically analyze what went wrong or where they should go next. No, not when they have this spectacle of a man who promises to make everything “great” again.

Even if his campaign fades into nothingness, the ideas he continues to exploit could still lurk in the shadows.

This is something we need to absolutely address.

We need to all work together to eliminate discriminatory behaviors in our society.

Most importantly, we must stop and examine our surroundings as we seek out better long-term goals that will benefit the masses.

Trump’s punch lines will only give us crap.

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