Swift Serenity: Tips to help you live in the present, unplug and unwind from electronics

As time ceases to swaddle those who lag behind, we become heavily reliant on technology to get us through our day.

Social media, forum outlets, and other public spaces online are tools to bring us all —no matter how near or far—together; however, I cannot help but feel more secluded from my immediate environment due in part to these various devices.

Why is it that we find ourselves more entranced by what glows in the confines of our five inch cell phone screens rather than the sight, sounds and company of others?

Since when did we knowingly bind ourselves in the chains of hype and consumerism, buying into that false reality of a well-lived life through the Internet?

Unplug yourself. Liberate and extend the possibilities life unexpectedly places in your path.

Train yourself, even if it is three hours out of your day, to detach from electronic devices. Turn them off, tuck them deep into a drawer and breathe.

Attempt the three/six interval breathing technique that I discussed on last Friday’s segment for six minutes. Open your eyes.

No one can shatter this break from the cyber world but you. Take advantage of this experiment and hopefully, it will become habitual in due time.

I have devised a few suggestions to help you jumpstart your practice if you are finding it exceedingly difficult to connect to your needs or the space around you.

Spur of the moment escapades: Get outside even if it is raining.

Throw on your heaviest North Face coat and explore your immediate surroundings even if they tend to bore you. Yes, our town is nowhere near the size of Portland—or Eugene for that matter—however, it is important to note the variable of the unexpected occurring.

Who is to say you won’t find temporary enjoyment treading down Second Street or have a one chance encounter with your soulmate at a local watering hole? It may sound like a reach to say, but the best things in life go unplanned.

Create a playlist, engage with sentiments and friends: The last true form of self-care. Music, in all its facets, offers a holistic balance in a disillusioned world.

By creating a playlist of emotion provoking pieces for you and a group of friends, you will slowly find yourself transcending into a contently disconnected realm of happiness with those you care for deeply in close company. This choice can also be enhanced with a glass of pinot noir and Cards Against Humanity.

Write the next great American novel, or read the classics: If you are writer…utilize this time to delve deep into your psyche and create. If you are a reader…then head to Powell’s on the weekend and stock up on these bounded treasures. Light a few candles in your room, play Sade’s “Lovers Rock” on low, and let your imagination run rampant.

If you take a second to realize that half of our time spent is drained by the technology we carry around daily, you might feel the need to unplug, revisit your desires, and actively be present in your own life. You owe that much to yourself. Dissolve of your limits.

The opinions expressed in Lyon’s column do not necessarily reflect those of The Daily Barometer staff.

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