Braly: Could Dwight Howard be PDX bound?

Max Braly Sports Contributor

Please welcome to Rip City eight time all-star and three time defensive player of the year, Dwight Howard.

One can dream right?

To make this trade happen, Mason Plumlee and any player not named Lillard or McCollum will be sent to Houston for Dwight. Sorry Plumlee, you’ve had a great season, I hope you enjoy standing on the block waiting for James Harden to shoot his free throws.

Seeing a good player like Plumlee go would be tough for Blazer fans to bare, but an ideal scenario they should be willing to go with.

Portland has about 20 million dollars to spend right now and Houston is around 20 million over the league cap. This year Houston owes Howard roughly 20 million bucks. So where’s the catch?

Dwight Howard has been labeled as a locker room cancer. It’s unknown whether or not he was the source of drama on his previous teams. He was unhappy in Orlando, he couldn’t get along with Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles, and team chemistry has suffered during his time in Houston.

These problems wouldn’t be an issue in Portland. Dwight didn’t like the small market in Orlando, but time changes everything. Portland’s own, Damian Lillard, proved that you can secure big time endorsements in a small market.

Howard has proven that he can’t be successful on teams without leadership in the front office, an asset he Blazers happen to have. Head coach Terry Stotts has history with having great relationships with players, even players who have been problems on other teams (see Chris Kaman.)

This year, Portland has overachieved, for the most part due to their excellent team chemistry. Players on the team are unselfish and want to win.

Why would Houston help an arch-rival improve?

They built their team in hopes to win right away. That didn’t workout and it’s time for them to blow it up. Howard demanded the ball too much for him to fit with Harden. So the Rockets need players who are willing to do the dirty work. Plumlee is that kind of player and would be a cheap, athletic, hardworking true center in Houston.

Why would Portland want to give up a promising piece for Howard?

It’s known that the Blazers have one of the best backcourts in the league, and it’s also known that they have struggled on the defensive side of the ball. Howard is a defensive anchor in the paint and arguably the best center in the league when healthy. Opposing teams have to gameplan around not being able to score inside when he is on the court. And offensively, he is a player you can dump the ball down to and expect a good shot or free throws.

Trade for Howard, Rip City.

Portland not only becomes a borderline elite team with stars Lillard and Howard on the roster, but takes a major step in proving they are one of the NBA’s elite teams.

Reap the rewards of Howard Portland.


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