Yeas & Nays: Jan. 29

Barometer Editorial Board

Yea to the recent discovery of a 10,000 year old mammoth bone at the endzone of Reser Stadium. The use of mammoth puns and metaphors will only continue to improve.

Nay to not having a live mammoth on campus. We wanted a new pet for our mascot to play with.

Yea to bones putting Oregon State University in the spotlight.

Nay to week four and the continuation of midterms, round one.

Yea to the conclusion of week four midterms. For those of you with week five midterms, we wish you luck.

Nay to the continual fountain of midterms some of us appear to have.

Yea to the advent of election season and the opportunity to vote.

Nay to the (clearly) xenophobic garbage that (still) continues to come out of Donald Trump’s mouth.

Yea to the brave soul who decided to chuck tomatoes at Trump. Tomatoes for Trump sounds like an intriguing “charity” concept.

Yea to the OSU wave and tsunami research center.

Nay to not being able to take occasional surfing breaks in said wave lab. Not that it would be safe … or that any of us know how to surf.

Yea to listening to 1980s classics at work.

Nay to the alarming amount of classic rock musicians that keep passing away. Seriously, universe—calm the heck down.

Yea to spring being around the corner and the advent of longer days. Too bad the rain will continue as it always does.

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