Pac-12 Fantasy Football: Championship Week

Young and True Beavers — Champion


Brenden Slaughter

Sports Reporter

Color Commentator


QB – Jared Goff (Cal)

Points:  41.1

RB – Paul Perkins (UCLA)

Points:  25.1

RB – Myles Gaskins (UW)

Points:  25.8

WR – Bryce Treggs (Cal)

Points:  20.7

WR – Seth Collins (OSU)

Points:  25.1

TE – Noah Togiai (OSU)

Points:  3

FLEX – Xavier Hawkins (OSU)

Points:  0.2

FLEX – Jordan Payton (UCLA)

Points:  6

K – Ka’imi Fairbairn (UCLA)

Points:  3

TOTAL: 152.6

I don’t have words to describe what just happened over the last two weeks. Josh had lost only one game all season and looked well on his way to his second straight championship. But the “Young and True Beavers” had a say in the matter. For the second straight time this season, when I needed a win, Jared Goff came up big for me. He was sensational as he passed for five touchdowns and led my team with 41 points. If that wasn’t enough, Seth Collins returned to his Mr. Touchdown form and also got me 22 points. Surprisingly, it was my highest point total of the season as I destroyed Josh on the scoreboard. Josh put up a good fight, but as I predicted, losing Luke Falk proved just too much as Cody Kessler just couldn’t match him. 

So now that I am the champion of the Barometer fantasy football, I think I will gloat to Josh for about another month and then step back and realize that this fantasy football league was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had as a writer. 

Bottom line, everyone always remembers the winner, and until another fantasy champ is crowned, my name will forever be etched in Barometer history as Fantasy Champion of 2015.

The Duckless Dandies — RUNNER-UP


Josh Worden

Senior Beat Reporter

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QB – Cody Kessler (USC)

Points:  23

RB – Demario Richard (ASU)

Points:  16.7

RB – Christian McCaffrey (Stan)

Points:  11.3

WR – JuJu Smith-Schuster (USC)

Points:  8.5

WR – Jordan Villamin (OSU)

Points:  7.2

TE – Kellen Clute (OSU)

Points:  0

FLEX – Joe Williams (UTAH)

Points:  24.7

FLEX – Gabe Marks (WSU)

Points:  5.8

K – Garrett Owens (OSU)

Points:  6

TOTAL: 103.2

I’m not even mad, really. I should have known I would score the most points (by far) in the league and then lose in the championship.

Brenden — congratulations. I mean it, really. Sure, you were averaging 76 points per game before this week. Sure, I was the league’s highest scorer overall and six of the nine regular season weeks. But title games are not won in the first nine weeks of a ten-week league. They’re won in rivalry week, when my quarterback got hurt and no other player on my team scored a touchdown. Also, when every Pac-12 defense seemed to pinpoint what players were on Brenden’s team and decided to not defend them.

But really, it was a fun year. Watching Christian McCaffrey rattle off 200-yard games was a blast, and the Luke Falk-Gabe Marks combination was almost too good to be true. And playing the whole season without any Ducks on my team made it all the more worthwhile.

I’m looking forward to next season, when Brenden’s (undeserved) title will be on the line.

I’ll take last pick in the draft. I’ll win anyways.

Fortune Favors the Bolden — THIRD PLACE


Brian Rathbone

Sports Editor

QB – Vernon Adams Jr. (UO)

Points:  32.2

RB – Storm Barrs-Woods (OSU)

Points:  0

RB – Royce Freeman (UO)

Points:  33.8

WR – Victor Bolden (OSU)

Points:  10.4

WR – Hunter Jarmon (OSU)

Points:  0

TE – Austin Hooper (Stan)

Points:  8.7

FLEX – Ronald Jones II (USC)

Points:  6.6

FLEX – Dom Williams (WSU)

Points:  10.7

K – Conrad Ukropina (Stan)

Points:  9

TOTAL: 111.4

I tallied up all of the points and my heart stopped — I had lost by two points to finish in last place. The league that I had resurrected would serve as the ultimate public humiliation.

As my mind drifted to dark places, I scoured over numbers hoping beyond all hope that I had made a mathematical error. 

And wouldn’t you know, my math was off. I had miscalculated Royce Freeman’s points. 

In 2000-presidential election fashion, I had a recount. And my two point loss turned into a three point victory! 

So does this make me George W. Bush, and Jeff, Al Gore? Or vice versa? Is this even a relevant comparison? Do people even care? Probably not.

Regardless of the victory, this is the not the type of season I wanted or deserved. Opposing team’s scored an average of 97 points against me this season, whereas our “league champion” had a cakewalk of a season were team’s averaged 81 points against him.  How lucky can you get?

Hopefully Brenden bough his lottery ticket or asked out that smoken-hot female.

So thanks to Jeff and Josh for an awesome season, and thanks Brenden for proving once and for all why fantasy football is stupid. When does baseball start?

Fresh on the Scene — FOURTH PLACE


Jeff Lulay

BeaverDam President

QB – Nick Mitchell (OSU)

Points:  0

RB – Chris Brown (OSU)

Points:  0

RB – Justin Davis (UCS)

Points:  13

WR – Nelson Spruce (Colo)

Points:  17.1

WR – DJ Foster (ASU)

Points:  3

TE – Ryan Nall (OSU)

Points:  28.8

FLEX – Braylon Addison (UO)

Points:  37.2

FLEX – Barry Sanders Jr. (Stan)

Points:  0

K – Aiden Schneider (UO)

Points:  9

TOTAL: 108.1

Andddddddd its over. Your boy finishes in last place in his first ever Pac-12 fantasy football campaign. What a year and what a roller coaster of emotions. 

I’ve been playing fantasy football for seven years now and this has easily been the most challenging endeavor I’ve ever had with fantasy football. I’m unsure if it was because it was college sports scene or if that competition was more challenging. My gut is telling me that it has to be the competition. 

It got so heated at the end of the year, Brian decided to send out false numbers to make me believe I didn’t come in last place, when in reality, he was just giving me false hope! What a sick man.

Before I close my rant, I feel that it’s important for the world to know that I endured the second most points scored against me this season. Put that element mixed in with the rookie card and you will typically get a last place draw. 

It was a hell of a season and I had a lot of fun. This consisted of a great group of guys who know their football, thanks for letting me join the fun, gentlemen!

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