Yeas & Nays

Yea to “Speak Out OSU” and the events that continue to follow. We’re confident that the university’s commitment to discussion will continue.

Nay to any misconceptions that discrimination no longer exists. Our experiences aren’t always one in the same, but they should be in terms of feeling safe and secure.

Nay to classic Oregon weather, only this time it feels like we skipped fall and went right to winter.

Yea to what little sunlight we received today. We’ve only had a couple of weeks of “Oregon winter,” but many of us miss summer already.

Yea to not-so-spontaneous karaoke plans.

Nay to “the crud” of a common cold spreading across campus.

Nay to any effects recovering from a sore throat may or may not have on your singing voice.

Yea to late night food runs, which nothing on the planet could possibly ruin.

Nay to only being able to afford ramen since it’s the end of fall term.

Nay to the continuing gauntlet of midterms.

Yea to celebrating Halloween in the middle of November.

Nay to technical difficulties. We appreciate the patience and concerns of those who stand by.

Yea to bags full of candy.

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