ASOSU releases 2021 election results

Sukhjot Sal, News Contributor

The Associated Students of Oregon State University elections committee released the final 2021 election results on Friday, Feb. 19.

President and Vice President candidates Dhru Patel and Dylan Perfect won the election with 70.68% of the vote.

The winning ticket needed at least 50% of first choices, as ASOSU used the rank-choice voting system.

President candidate Alexander Kerner and vice president candidate Stella Harkness came in second with 26.21% of the vote and 3.11% of the vote went to write-in candidates.

Of the 21,248 eligible student voters, 1,514 students voted, resulting in 7.13% voter turnout. Only Corvallis campus students are eligible to vote in the ASOSU election.

Other positions up for election were Speaker of the House, Student Fee Committee Chair, SFC Member at Large, Graduate Representatives, Undergraduate Representatives and Senate positions.

Ballot JB 12.14 was also up for election after failing to pass last year when voter turnout was not high enough. The ballot needed 15% of the eligible student voting population to vote yes.

This year, the ballot also failed due to low voter turnout with 7.13%, though 72.54% of those voters voted to pass it, while 27.46% voted against.

The ballot, called the “Unicameral Constitution Bill”, proposes the adoption of a new constitution for the ASOSU student government, combining the Senate and the House of Representatives into a single body called ‘The Senate.’

There are write-in candidates for the SFC at-large and House of Representatives Graduate positions that need to be certified by the elections committee before their election can be confirmed.


Dhru Patel

Vice President

Dylan Perfect

Speaker of the House

Lucas Schnell – 97.37%

Student Fee Committee Chair

Muhammad Aatir Khan “MAK” – 96.08%


  1. Lily Butler – 15.61%

  2. Tanya Bihari – 14.52%

  3. Bailey Langley – 12.78%

  4. Tali Ilkovitch – 12.72%

  5. Xander Robertson – 11.94%

  6. Drew Jacobson – 11.22%

House of Representatives Undergraduate Represenatives

  1. Sahana Shah – 10.97%

  2. Maria Arellano – 10.93%

  3. Duy Hoang – 10.57%

  4. Reece Kikuchi – 10.55%

  5. Matteo Paola – 9.78%

  6. Joseph “Joe” Page – 9.72%

  7. Caleb Powell – 9.44%

  8. Griffin Scott – 9.30%

  9. Luke Walton Goldsworthy – 9.05%

  10. Matthew Edwards – 8.64%

House of Representatives Graduate Representative

  1. Kathy Hu – 87.62%

SFC At-Large

  1. Jessica Lopez – 36.38%

  2. Bennett Poulsen – 31.71%

  3. Jack Hill  – 26.84%

For more information regarding the 2021 ASOSU elections, read more in the Barometer’s February special print edition, on newsstands on the OSU Corvallis campus and on our website Monday, Feb. 22. 

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