Reports of natural gas odor found in OSU building


Jakob Jones, Photographer

A Corvallis Fire Department fire engine departs from the Oregon State University campus after responding to a possible natural gas leak at Weniger Hall on September 8.

The Baro Staff

Weniger Hall on the Oregon State University Corvallis campus was evacuated Wednesday afternoon around 1 p.m. after an odor of natural gas was reported in the building.

OSU Police Chief Shanon Anderson said they were notified of the potential leak and the fire department and facilities were called in to track down the source of the odor. A decision was made to evacuate the building to keep everyone safe.

According to Anderson, it is still too soon to know when the building will reopen to the public, as each floor needs to be searched thoroughly for potential natural gas leaks.

“We lock it down, we make it safe, and then if repairs need to be done, they’re there and ready. We work in conjunction, we have a unified command with Corvallis Fire Department as well as with our facilities.”

This is an ongoing story and more information will be posted as it becomes available.

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