Student on the Street: What has your experience been like being back on campus, and what are you most looking forward to this upcoming term and year?

Brenton Snyder (he/him)

First-year business major

“It’s weird because I haven’t been in a classroom in two years. COVID-19 ruined my whole senior year of high school, but I don’t think it’s really a big deal to me. I’m just here to go to school and get out. I just joined a fraternity, so I’m looking forward to interacting with it; Lambda Chi.” 


Ethan Peterson (he/him)

First-year general engineering major

“It’s overwhelming, but I think I’ll get used to it. Having to do the daily necessities can be a little hard sometimes, however, the restrictions haven’t seemed limiting. I’m most looking forward to making new connections and starting a new chapter in my life.”


Chloee Kinkade (she/her)

First-year biohealth sciences major

“I’ve really enjoyed being on campus, it’s a lot better than being stuck in my house. I love walking around campus. The scenery is beautiful. Honestly, with COVID-19, I haven’t really found very many restrictions at all [to be setbacks]. I don’t mind wearing a mask. I’m most looking forward to meeting new people and finally being able to interact with people, especially, [those] that have similar interests as me in my field of study.” 


Sophia Long (she/her)

First-year nutrition major

“Well the classes are huge and the people are nice. Whenever I’m wearing my mask, I get really sweaty. [I’m looking forward to] spring break and sports. ”


Paige Bergman (she/her)

First-year environmental sciences major

College is different from high school because it was all online. It’s nice being in person, it’s nice connecting that way with professors. Even though classes are huge, teachers are doing a really good job of making it one-on-one still. For me, it’s been connecting with people [that has been difficult] no one knows if I’m smiling at them or not. [I’m looking forward to] sports. I attended the game, it was really fun to watch. ”


Garrett Workinger (he/him)

First-year history major

“It’s been super nice actually being in a real class… seeing classmates and professors, getting a feel for how your professors are; it means a lot more. Remote learning is hard because… you can’t ask questions directly, and you can’t get a feel for how professors are, or how they teach… It does take a lot more time getting to class and back walking, versus when you could stay at home last year and do everything. [I’m most looking forward to] watching the Beavers play basketball this season, coming off their Elite Eight run, and making friends on campus.” 


Catie Boucher (she/her)

Fourth-year fisheries and wildlife sciences major

“It’s been weird for sure. It’s been nice to see people, but hanging in class is still really weird; having masks on just reminds me that it’s still happening, which is good I guess, but not a reminder everybody wants all the time… I had a one-on-one meeting with a mentor last week and I had to go from a class here, and I was like, I don’t know where on campus I could take that meeting. So I went home and then I was 10 minutes late because I didn’t factor in walking time. It’s been fun to run into people randomly on campus… I’m in a couple of clubs so just being able to do stuff and get to know new members [has been fun].”


Emma Ramsey (she/her)

Third-year human development and family sciences major

“I transferred here at the beginning of COVID-19, so I did a year online without ever seeing [the] campus, so it’s kind of a learning curve. But it’s been fun, I really like the campus, getting to see people. I really enjoy it. [In terms of what’s been a setback,] definitely the social stuff, I feel like I don’t know anyone here and [am] trying to figure out who I can talk to, what is appropriate and what people want to talk to me about. I’m looking forward to getting into my major, being able to interact with kids again and meeting people, going out to see friends. I feel like there’s this barrier still, that makes people afraid, or [makes] even me, scared, timid. But I feel Oregon State University is doing the best they can with the circumstances they’ve been given.” 


Kendra Melvill 

Fifth-year animal sciences major

“It’s been really nice, I live off-campus, and I lived off-campus even when we were still remote,  but I really appreciate the life it brings back to schooling. It’s totally a different vibe. It’s enjoyable to see everybody here and see how everyone is interacting. For me, it’s been a little bit of a setback with getting back into my routine and keeping my timeline intact. I’m happy with how everybody has been  handling the mask mandate.”

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