Gallery: The Snowmen of OSU

By Jessica Hume Pantuso
Claire Mihm (left) and Lauren Cleary (right) pose with one of the many snowmen that popped up at Chintimini Park on Tuesday. Mihm stated, “This is my first snowman, I’m from California.”

Every couple of years when snow falls in Corvallis the campus explodes with friends, eager to make due of our transformed campus. By the end of the day Snowmen can be seen guarding each corner, handcrafted with a different set of traits, each with its own personality and background. Some snowmen aspire to be the biggest, touching 10 feet tall, others look to mimic the traditional look, while some look content having mouse ears. In a way the snowman represent our OSU campus: diverse, quirky, unique in their own wonderful way. 

Enjoy the set of Photos by OMN Photographers Yuxi Zhu, and Jessica Hume-Pantuso.

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