Jade Carey scores a perfect 10 against ASU


Kayla Jones

Jade Carey celebrates with her team after her performance on the uneven bars, earning a perfect score for Oregon State.

Hannah Lull, Print Contributor

  This Saturday, Oregon State University’s Women’s Gymnastics hosted a home meet against Arizona State University at 5:30 p.m. at Gill Coliseum. The Beavers not only won the meet with a score of 197.375 to 196.550, but Jade Carey also obtained a perfect ten on her uneven bar routine, a rare moment in any gymnastics event.

  The meet started like any other. The Beavers headed to vault and the Sun Devils to uneven bars. OSU performed well as each gymnast scored a 9.800 or better. Lauren Letzsch scored a 9.800, followed by Sydney Gonzales with 9.850, Kaitlyn Yanish with 9.875, Madi Dagen with 9.900, Karlie Chavez with 9.800, and Carey with 9.925. The teams headed into the second round with OSU’s running score of 49.350 and ASU with 49.175.

  “We started really strong on vault and the momentum just kept growing and growing until the very last person,” said Carey. 

  The Beavers took their spot on the bars while the Sun Devils went to vault. Colette Yamaoka started the group off alongside Carely Beeman, Dagen, Kayla Bird, and Phoebe Jukubcyzk. Yamaoka scored 9.775, 9.850 for Beeman, 9.900 for Dagen, 9.750 for Bird, and 9.200 for Jakubczyk. 

  Carey ended the round with a flawless uneven bar routine. She earned a perfect ten, causing a loud commotion of cheers and applause from the crowd. With the perfect score being so rare to achieve, it was not expected that Carey would accomplish the feat in today’s events.

  “I was really excited after that bar routine,” Carey said. “I’ve been trying to not really think about it and just try to do my gymnastics but it’s really special to me that my first ten comes on bars because it’s typically known as my weaker event. But it’s not.”

  The adrenaline from Carey’s perfect ten carried on to the next round on beam while ASU took floor. Jakubcyzk started the third round off, scoring a 9.775. Letzsch scored a 9.850, Domingo scored a 9.750, Gonzales scored a 9.875, Dagen scored a 9.825, and Carey finished with a 9.925. 

  OSU ended on the floor, led by Gonzales, Bird, Letzsch, Dagen, Yanish, and Carey. The gymnasts scored 9.725, 9.800, 9.875, 9.925, 9.900, and 9.975. These scores finished off the meet with a total score of 197.375 for OSU and 196.550 for ASU. 

  The feeling of winning and celebrating Carey’s ten wouldn’t have felt the same if it wasn’t for the crowd. The stands were packed and full of support for the gymnasts, something that hadn’t been seen since the start of Covid-19. 

  “It’s great to have those crowds back,” said head coach, Tanya Chaplin. “To support this remarkable team that worked so hard and all the teams that came before them. It’s just great to share this sport we love so much with so many people.” 

  The team hopes to see more people come to watch future meets as more amazing moments will surely be performed. The Beavers are scheduled to compete against University of Washington next on Feb. 13 at Gill Coliseum at 12:00 p.m.

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