Corvallis woman strangled by burglar, suspect arrested on six charges


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Sam Misa, News Contributor

Content warning: Story contains mention of strangulation, attempted sexual assault and general violence. 

A violent burglary occurred on Feb. 12 on SW Seventh Street near downtown Corvallis, Ore., and the suspect was arrested after the victim and 911-caller were able to give a description of him.

According to a Corvallis Police Department press release, at approximately 12:33 p.m. that day, the CPD responded to a reported burglary in progress. The suspect, believed to be Garrett Caspino, entered the residence of the caller and his girlfriend and proceeded to attack the girlfriend while she was in the shower.

The suspect reportedly entered the bathroom where he pulled down his pants as he opened the shower door. As the victim tried to flee, the suspect reportedly grabbed her and shoved her against the bathroom wall, then proceeded to strangle her.

The caller was reportedly awoken by the victim’s screams and confronted the suspect, who fled from the scene toward SW Jefferson Avenue. After both the victim and caller were able to provide a description of the suspect, officers began canvassing the neighborhood.

Police located and arrested the male who fit the description, Caspino, and had him booked after meeting the criteria to go to jail by 2:48 p.m. that day. 

Caspino was arrested twice earlier the same day for criminal trespassing. The first time, officers responded to a report of Caspino entering an unlocked vehicle. Caspino was acting “totally out there,” according to the person who called in the crime, around 10:53 a.m.

Because this crime did not meet the criteria to have Caspino booked and put into jail, he was released and instead issued a citation to appear in court. Within the hour, Caspino was cited again for entering and concealing himself behind a pillar within the restricted parking area of the Law Enforcement Center.

Caspino is facing the following charges according to the CPD press release:

Burglary in the First Degree (ORS: 164.225), 

Menacing (ORS: 163.190),

Strangulation (ORS 163.187),

Coercion (ORS 163.275),

Harassment (ORS 166.065),

Sexual Abuse in the First Degree – Attempted (ORS: 163.427).

“Burglaries are fairly common for people to be entering into homes to commit thefts and other crimes like that,” said CPD Media Contact, Lieutenant Ryan Eaton. “But it is not as common for anybody to commit what we would classify as a person-crime when they enter a burglary.”


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