Student on the Street: Will you keep wearing your mask after OSU lifts the mask mandate on March 12?

Katterlea MacGregor, News Contributor

Silas Waxter (Lily Middleton, Photographer)

Silas Waxter 

Majoring in electrical and computer engineering

“No. If they’re not required. I don’t feel like I’m at risk, I’ve had COVID-19 before. I’m not very concerned about it.”


Saurabh Sonawane (Lily Middleton, Photographer)

Saurabh Sonawane 

Majoring in industrial engineering 

“I will not wear the mask. What I feel is that we need a lot of oxygen. This mask is not useful. Instead of wearing masks, we can move freely and keep our distance from people. That way we can actually have proper breathing. Otherwise, we will have other diseases because of lack of oxygen. I will not wear a mask if it’s not mandated.” 


Carolyn Richardson (Lily Middleton, Photographer)

Carolyn Richardson

Majoring in mechanical engineering

“I definitely will. I feel like it’s too early to go completely mask free in classrooms. It’s more comfortable that way for now.”


Jay Alden (Lily Middleton, Photographer)

Jay Alden

Majoring in marine studies 

“I will continue wearing my mask because I have friends and family who are immunocompromised. I believe that, until we actually completely solve this thing, that we should actually continue to be safe. Removing it for no cause is kinda dumb.”


Russell Pippen (Lily Middleton, Photographer)

Russell Pippen 

Majoring in mechanical engineering

“I probably will keep wearing my mask because I’m definitely still thinking that’s there going to be a lot of COVID-19 going around and also, generally, it’s a lot more safer to do so. I feel a lot more comfortable with it on anyways. Until everything’s over, I probably won’t be taking my mask off.”


Madalyn Gragg (Lily Middleton, Photographer)

Madalyn Gragg 

Majoring in mechanical engineering

“After the mandate is repelled, if I’m sick I’m definitely going to do it. I hear that in a lot of Asian countries, they do it for common courtesy to make sure they’re not spreading illness in general. I think I personally would feel safe enough to not wear my mask around. I would also have the societal expectation that if other people are sick they will be wearing a mask. I want to try to incorporate it into my daily life and courtesy, but not every single day.”


Quentin Bellitto (Lily Middleton, Photographer)

Quentin Bellitto

Majoring in environmental science 

“I’ll keep wearing my mask because I don’t trust other people.”


Lucas Tepe (Lily Middleton, Photographer)

Lucas Tepe 

Majoring in psychology

“I am going to keep wearing it in large lecture halls and very crowded areas. Probably less so in my dorm on the way to the bathroom and stuff.”


Erin Whelihan (Lily Middleton, Photographer)

Erin Whelihan 

Majoring in business administration 

“My answer is yes and no. I will probably not continue wearing it in the classroom and campus setting as I tend to be exposed to a lot of people without masks now, just not in the classroom. However, if I’m sick or going to a doctor’s office, I will definitely wear it. I think it’s definitely something that’s become common for me, especially in the winter, that I will want to wear it. But, as far as March 19 comes, I will probably not be wearing it on campus anymore.”

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