Dixon Recreation Center’s spa to be replaced pending Board of Trustees approval


Jess Hume-Pantuso

Signage at Dixon Recreation Center tells OSU community members that the spa is currently closed. The Dixon Spa has been closed to students since early 2020.

Haley Stark, News Contributor

Tucked away within Steven’s Natatorium, Dixon Recreation Center’s hot tub has sat idle since the winter term of 2020.

“The hot tub had maintenance issues for many years,” Associate Director for Facilities & Risk Management Bill Callender said via email. “Unfortunately, the hot tub’s chronic maintenance issues and continuous water loss made it no longer sustainable or financially responsible for continuing its operation.”

However, the fate of the hot tub will not remain in limbo for much longer, as there are plans to replace it in the near future.

“The hot tub replacement is part of a major Dixon Recreation Center renovation,” Callender said. “The replacement of the hot tub would cost an estimated $500,000 and is planned to be included in proposals to renovate the lap pool and dive pool. Preliminary work to demolish and remove the existing hot tub is underway. The overall Dixon Recreation Center renovation project plan is anticipated to be presented to the [Oregon State University] Board of Trustees and, if approved, work would be planned to take place in 2022-23.”

This $500,000 renovation of the aquatics center will be funded through Dixon Recreation Center student fees. Associate Director of Recreational Sports Troy Snow said this fee amounts to $112.92 per student per term, which includes standard access to Dixon’s programs and facilities.

Despite the high cost, Aquatics Supervisor Mikayla Baird said she believes the investment will be worthwhile. While the hot tub and spa areas have been closed for the entirety of the two years she’s worked at Dixon, interest in these areas still remains throughout the student body.

According to Baird, Dixon staff members get questions regarding the spa often. If the project plan were to be accepted by the OSU Board of Trustees, she has a hopeful outlook. “I think that students and everyone who uses the facilities here at the OSU pool will really like it a lot,” Baird said.

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