Oregon State shows dominance over Montana State, winning 68-28


Jason May

Tre’Shaun Harrison runs after a catch during the Beaver football game against Montana State at Providence Park in Portland, Ore, on September 17, 2022. Harrison led the Beavers on Saturday against Stanford with 7 receptions for 104 yards, including the game winning catch.

Georgina Paez, Assistant Sports Editor

Oregon State faced its third game of the 2022 season this Saturday in a neutral-site game at Providence Park in Portland, Oregon with a sold-out crowd. 

With a sold-out crowd of black and orange all around the stadium, the Beavers took on the Montana State Bobcats for the first time in school history.

The Beavers entered this game with the absence of tight end Luke Musgrave and running back Trey Lowe, Lowe missing his second consecutive game.

In what can only be described as a dominant game, the Beavers came out victorious and are now 3-0 in the season as they won the game with a score of 68-28.

The game started incredibly well for the Beavers as quarterback, Chance Nolan, threw for 23 yards to wide receiver, Tre’Shaun Harrison, and advanced it to the 33-yard line. 

Nolan then completed a 10-yard pass to wide receiver, Tyjon Lindsey, advancing it to the 47-yard line and gaining the first down. Running-back Damien Martinez then advanced the ball 11-yards and with Nolan passing 17-yards to wide receiver Anthony Gould, the Beavers then stood at the 25-yard line.

Fenwick then rushed up the middle for a 25-yard touchdown. With the PAT kick deemed good by Kicker Everett Hayes, the Beavers were 7-0 only at the 11:20 mark.

Oregon State’s next drive began with Nolan as he threw a 9-yard pass to Gould and the ball was advanced to the 36-yard line. Nolan, in a haste decision, ran to the right for a gain of 14 yards and proceeded to throw a 25-yard pass to Gould later in the drive. 

This put OSU on the 28-yard line and with a new set of downs. Nolan passed it to the right for a 23-yard pass to Harrison, ending up on Montana State’s two yard line. 

An unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was enforced on Fenwick however, thus putting the Beavers back at the 17-yard line. Both Martinez and Fenwick rushed up the middle for a 7-yard run and 2-yard gain respectively, and Nolan finished the first quarter of the game with a 2-yard gain by rushing up the middle.

The second quarter began with a touchdown for the Beavers as Nolan completed a 6-yard pass to the left, caught by Harrison. Hayes then completed the kick and put OSU up 14-7.

Montana State’s drive did not last very long as quarterback keeper, Tommy Melilot’s, pass was intercepted by OSU’s nickelback Ryan Cooper Jr. at the 42-yard line. 

Once Oregon State took over, Nolan passed it 25-yards to the right and was caught by Harrison. Nolan then threw the ball 10-yards to Lindsey and 15-yards to tight end Jake Overman, putting the Beavs at 1st down. 

And with Fenwick and Nolan rushing up the middle for a gain of 6-yards and 1-yardrespectively, the Beavers scored a touchdown and went up to a score of 21-7 with Hayes’ kick deemed good.

The rest of the second quarter resulted in a gain of 27 points for the OSU Beavers. Key plays included a 17-yard pass from Nolan to Harrison, Fenwick running up the middle for a 13-yard again, and Martinez rushed up to the right for a gain of 17-yards, putting the Beavers at first down.

Nolan then threw the touchdown pass to wide receiver Silas Bolden, for a score of 28-14. And after an unsuccessful drive for the Bobcats, the Beavers began theirs with a gain of 3-yards by Fenwick. Nolan then threw a 9-yard touchdown pass to Gould. This put the score to 34-14 and concluded a successful first half of the game for the Beavers.

The first half of this game did bring victorious moments for the Bobcats. Due to the performances of quarterback keeper Sean Chambers, who scored the first touchdown of the evening and kick returner Marqui Johnson who scored the second, the team was able to put up a score of 14 in which they ended the second half on.

The second half of the game began just as eventful as the first one. Montana’s punter Bryce Leighton punted 36 yards to the 20-yard-line and OSU’s Gould returned 80-yards to the endzone, the score now being 40-14 at the 12:41 mark.

The rest of the third quarter included two more touchdowns scored by Oregon State. The first one began by Nolan gaining 8-yards up the middle, followed by Fenwick gaining 5. Martinez then rushed up the middle for a gain of 7-yards and ran into the endzone; OSU now scored a total of 47 points. 

The second touchdown was a combination of efforts by Running Back Jam Griffin gaining 8-yards, a 7-yard pass from Nolan to tight end Jack Velling, and a 17-yard touchdown pass from Nolan to Gould. The quarter thus resulted with an ending score of 54-21.

The fourth quarter consisted of two more touchdowns for the Beavers. With key efforts from OSU’s Running Back Kanoa Shannon and Quarterback Ben Gulbranson, Griffin were able to score a running touchdown of 23-yards. This put the Beavers up once again with a score of 68-28.

The Bobcats did score two more touchdowns in the second half of the game. Thanks to Chambers once again scored in an 8-yard rush up the middle to the endzone, the score then changed to 40-21 in the third quarter. In the fourth, the Bobcats’ efforts for the last touchdown were led by Chambers.

The Beavers now look to host USC next Saturday, September 24th, in Corvallis, Ore. With both teams entering the week four matchup 4-0, national attention may be shined on the Beavers in the coming days.


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