Corvallis mayoral race continues as no clear winner has been declared


Adriana Gutierrez, News Reporter

Approximately 72 hours after ballot boxes closed in Corvallis, there is still no clear winner for the open mayoral position. 

Charles Maughn remains in the lead over his opponents Andrew Struthers and Roen Hogg, who trail behind, respectively. Due to Corvallis’ Ranked Choice Voting system, one of the three candidates must get 50% of the votes in order to move forward as the mayor-elect. 

Currently Maughn leads the race with 37.97% of votes, followed by Struthers with 38.48% and Hogg in last place with 26.74% of votes. 20,220 ballots have been counted as of noon on Thursday, according to the Oregon Secretary of State. 

If no candidate reaches 50% of votes, the candidate in third place will be eliminated and their votes will be divvied to the other candidates, depending on the individual voter’s second choice ranking. 

If the county has to recount the votes, current Mayor Biff Traber does not expect the city will call a mayor-elect until early December.


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