Guardian Games opening new location in Corvallis


David Li, News Contributor

In the spring of this year, Guardian Games will be opening a new location in downtown Corvallis, where the former location of the Many Hands Trading store was.

Guardian Games is based in Portland, where they have a store hosting events and selling items including board games, party games, miniatures, paints, RPGs, collectible cards, dice, accessories and items for family and kids.

Guardian Games will be opening a new location in Corvallis for its “beautiful community and bustling downtown,” said Sarah Friesen, regional director at Guardian Games.

Members of Guardian Games have close ties to the community, and Guardian Games is hoping to make new relationships while filling a gap in the market.

According to Friesen, the Corvallis location will have a wide range of products similar to their offerings at the Portland store, although it will take some time until the selection depth is the same. Until then, Guardian Games will have store transfers available for requesting items that are not on-site.

According to Friesen, Guardian Games is working towards revamping their website in preparation for their opening, but until then, interested customers can contact Guardian Games at [email protected] and are encouraged to include Corvallis in the subject line.

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