Gymnastics first home meet of the season filled with many successful moments for the Beavers


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Oregon State gymnast Madi Dagen celebrates with her team after performing a beam routine at the Gill Coliseum in Corvallis on Jan. 21. Dagen scored two 9.90s on the beam.

Maggie Akins, Sports Writer

The Oregon State Beavers Gymnastics team hosted the Denver Pioneers, Sacramento State Hornets, and Brown Bears in their first home meet of the season on Saturday and walked away with winners.

“It was so special to be back at home and see this amazing crowd come here just to watch us do gymnastics,” sophomore Jade Carey said in the post-meet conference.

This meet was also the return of a former Beavers gymnast, Brittany Harris, who happens to be the current Brown Bears head coach. Carey was also previously voted the PAC-12 Gymnast of the Week and had plenty to show for it as she won first place all-around.

On the first rotation, the Beavers were up on the vault. Sophomore Kaitlin Garcia was up first and received a solid 9.775. Junior Ariana Young and Sophomore Laren Letzsch added to the team by coming up with a 9.825 and 9.850.

Junior Sydney Gonzales got the lowest score out of the bunch with a 9.750. Second to last was graduate student Madi Dagen who managed to stick her landing and was able to come up with a 9.800.

Last, but certainly not least, Carey flipped into the air with her now just about perfected vault that produced a 9.975. Overall, the Beavers got a 49.200. Meanwhile, the Brown Bears ended with 48.075, Sacramento State 48.425, and Denver with 49.325, putting them in the lead in the beginning.

The second event was uneven bars. Sophomore Carley Beeman started strong with a 9.800. Dagen was next and she showcased an amazing routine as she soured, stuck it as well, and got a 9.850.

Freshman Ellie Weaver started strong, but sadly fell off the bar, but stuck through and finished her routine and stuck her landing resulting in a 9.050 score.

Freshman Jennifer Mcmillan and Sophomore Natalie Briones continued the flow and came up with strong performances of 9.825 and 9.700. Carey finished with an almost flawless routine that came up to a 9.925, which just happened to be her lowest score of the meet. In the meantime, Denver came up with a 48.825 on the beam, Brown totaled 48.450 on the floor, and Sacramento State 48.350 on the vault.

Going onto the third event of the meet the Beavers were up on the beam, their best scoring event of the meet with an overall score of 49.525. Graduate student Kristina Peterson started and paved the way for the rest of her teammates as she performed a very clean routine, sticking multiple skills, and coming up with a 9.850.

Senior Jenna Domingo maintained a wobble-proof routine and added a 9.900 to the board. Letzsch, Gonzales, and Dagen followed and the Beavers could not stop. They were very consistent and solid with their routines. Carey finished for the Beavers as she scored a 9.950. During that time, Sacramento State came out with 48.050, Brown with 48.725, and Denver with 49.025

Last was the floor for the Beavers. Freshman Savannah Miller, making her showcase on the only event she performed today, stuck all of her skills and came out of that Billie Eilish-themed music routine with a 9.850. Kaitlin Garcia was next as she came out with a 9.775. Ariana Young came out strong for the Beavers and made a solid, clean routine with a 9.875. Gonzales nailed her double pike and came out with another 9.825.

Dagen managed to come through and scored a 9.775. This had the fans in the stadium feeling all the emotions.

Carey gave her best performance on the floor to come up with a 9.975 on the board. This produced the overall score of 49.300 on the floor and paved the way for the Beavers to win the meet with a towering 197.200 over the other strong three teams.

“I’m really proud of this team today, we keep getting better each meet, which is our goal,” Carey said feeling happy in the post-meet conference.

Next Friday, the Beavers will be hosting Rutgers Women’s Gymnastics at Gill Coliseum at 6 p.m.

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