Incident on 4th street leaves vehicle wedged between road and overpass Wednesday night


General Corvallis City Section Graphic

Wes Flow, News Contributor

A semi truck hauling cars made its delivery earlier than expected on Wednesday night when one vehicle of its car cargo became wedged under an overpass on 4th St.

According to Lieutenant Gabriel Sapp with the Corvallis Police Department, the semi truck was transporting multiple vehicles southbound on 4th Street, and was crossing the 4th Street Bridge at the time of the incident. 

Officers dispatched following reports of the incident found that the last vehicle on the trailer had become snagged on the bridge, according to Sapp, pulling it off the trailer and leaving the unfortunate automobile wedged vertically between a lane of the 4th Street Bridge and the bottom of an off ramp running overhead.

The crash did not result in any injuries, and the vehicle was eventually dislodged and removed from the scene of the incident, according to Sapp.

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