Oregon State gymnastics pull a powerful win over Arizona Wildcats


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Jade Carey during her beam routine. Carey went on to score two 10.000’s for the first time at home this season.

Maggie Akins, Sports Contributor

Jade Carey scored two 10.000’s for the first time at home this season to come up with a win of 197.025 over the University of Arizona Wildcats.

Carey started and finished with a score of 10.000 on vault and floor as they were the first and last rotations of the day.

“It feels really great to just see all the hard work I’ve put in to come together,” Carey said in the post meet press conference.

Not only did Carey get the 10 on floor, but had a fun reaction to her landing on vault. She had a mixture of a smile, gasp, and shock on her face.

“I knew it was probably the best vault I’ve done all year…it was my first legitimate stick where I was able to show the judges like ‘ya I just stuck’” said Carey.

While Carey shined today, there were some “hiccups” as Tanya Chaplin said post meet.

“I’m proud of the fight they showed all the way to the finish and that’s what it’s all about…You are going to have those occasional misses,” said head coach Tanya Chaplin.

The specific faults were mainly on bars for the Beavers. They scored an overall of 48.750, which was the lowest overall score on the events out of both teams.

Freshman Francesca Caso had a flawless routine, with it looking like it was going to be a career high for her. However, she stepped back and fell on her landing on her dismount, which caused her to score a 9.300.

There was also sophomore Natalie Briones who struggled as well. On her first skill on bars she seemingly over-rotated and hit her chest and fell off the bars. This was not a good sight and the crowd reacted with “ohhhhh’s.”

She got back on the bar, pulled it together and managed to finish out and stick her dismount, but her score turned out to be a 9.000.

These two low numbered scores on the board were not great for the Beavers, but the other gymnasts on bars focused on their effort and contribution to the team and worked together, specifically freshman Ellie Weaver who scored a career high and tied with Carey.

On the other hand, there was a program high for the Beavers on beam of an overall score of 49.625 – the highest overall score on an event from both teams.

Each gymnast put up a high score on the board for the Beavers with the lowest being a 9.850 from Graduate Kristina Peterson and highest being a 9.950 from sophomore Jade Carey and Graduate Madi Dagen.

Sophomore Lauren Letzsch had an unusual performance from her usual routines, that resulted in a fall off the beam, but managed to keep going and finish strong and sticking her dismount.

“Lo had a rare miss, but even in her routine she did a nice finish…the rest of the beam team had our back…They did their job and really got to it,” said Chaplin reflecting on the beam rotation.

Out of all the performances on the last rotation (floor), Dagen and freshman Savannah Miller showed their best with Dagen getting a career high and Miller doing one of the best of her career while she gets stronger.

“I’m proud of the way that she keeps working and pushing herself,” said Chaplin about Dagen’s floor and overall performance.

Sometimes you have to “play the game” as both Carey and Dagen after the meet when speaking on performing and progressing, which is what Dagen has been doing for her floor routine throughout this year.

Besides Dagen and Miller, Carey’s finish on the meet with her second 10 of the day on floor was what pushed the Beavers over the edge to win from a meet filled with highs and lows and stellar career performances from everyone.

The next two Beavers meets are on the road within the Pac-12 conference starting with Stanford Friday at 7 p.m. and then come back home to Gill Coliseum, Saturday March 11th against the Utah Utes.

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