Beavers women’s basketball overpowers No. 14 Arizona, win 78-70


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Noelle Mannen shoots a layup against the Arizona Wildcats on Feb. 25 at Gill Coliseum in Corvallis. OSU beat Arizona with a final score of 70-78.

Maggie Akins, Sports Contributor

The Beavers snapped their nine game losing streak in their senior day game against the Arizona wildcats with Freshmen Reagan Beers and Adlee Blacklock combining for 46 points. 

“Getting a win after being in the drought that we have been in was and is awesome, it’s a relief…I’m happy for our team, I’m happy for our fans,” said head coach Scott Rueck in the post game press conference. 

The Beavers accomplished an upset against the fast offensive and hard pressuring defensive tactics played by the Wildcats. 

“Today, the way that this team rebounded set the tone…We dominated the boards,” Rueck said. 

The Beavers never lost their lead throughout the entire game, coming to a tie three times, with the most points being scored in the second quarter with 25 points. 

In the first quarter, both Beers and Senior Jelena Mitrovic scored 10 points, while Blacklock had a strong 13 consisting of three three-pointers made by her four attempts. 

“I wanted to be hard to guard,” said Blacklock on her offensive standing in the game. 

The Wildcats started out with their fast-paced selves, trying to be powerful with the ball, but it did not work very well against this Beavers team. 

Rather than slowing down, they kept their pace and played strong. 

Senior Bendu Yeaney notably did not score in the first half of the game, but had seven assists, the most between the Beavers and the Wildcats in the first half. 

“Bendu today was phenomenal all weekend, had two great games,” said Rueck post game.

They ended the half 44-28; the biggest lead throughout being an 18 point lead the Beavers had over the Wildcats. The Beavers also gained no shooting fouls, while the Wildcats were all over the place. 

This stance on the Wildcats put the Beavers in the best place possible as the Wildcats attempted to come back in the second half, but were unsuccessful. 

The Wildcats scored 17 points in the third — same as the first quarter, while the Beavers had 16 points. 

In the third quarter, the Beavers maintained a 20 point lead, which contained a phenomenal play by Senior Noelle Mannen. 

“The play of the game (in his opinion) that put us over the top was the steal where she took off down the left side, got to the block, pump fake, maybe even pivoted and then realized she was wide open by herself and made that layup…That might have been the shot of the day,” said Rueck post game talking about Senior Noelle Mannen on her powerful play against the Wildcats. 

In the fourth quarter things started to get a little bit rowdy. The Beavers lead plummeted down to a four point lead later in the fourth quarter, which had the fans and players on their toes.

“Things have largely been close, just hasn’t been quite enough with maybe one thing missing and today we finished,” said Rueck post game. 

There have been several games this season for the Beavers that have been close, but they came up with the shorter stick and weren’t able to execute the win, but against the Wildcats, with the emotional environment, they were able to do it and had the same amount of passion they always have had. 

The Wildcats stopped caring about fouls, as they got five in five minutes in the third, and started to play more harsher with the ball then they were earlier in the game. 

There was seemingly to be a little bit of chatter between the Wildcats and Yeaney, who previously played for the Wildcats last year. 

Right after that, there was an intentional foul called on Wildcats Esmery Martinez. This gave the ball to the Beavers and let Beers make two of her two free throws. This was some strong aggression that the Wildcats started to show.

“They were determined. This morning Bendu challenged the team and said ‘Lets play with more heart,’ and they did,” said Rueck on the portrayed aggression the Wildcats were playing with. 

The Wildcats started to strive in the fourth as they scored 25 points, their largest in all the quarters, but did not come up with the win in the end. 

“They were determined. This morning Bendu challenged the team and said ‘Lets play with more heart,’ and they did,” said Rueck on the portrayed aggression the Wildcats were playing with. 

The heart the Beavers played with had them in control of the game and ended with a 78-70 win.

The Beavers stunned No. 14 Arizona on their Senior Day game and played for their seniors today, as they finished on a strong note going into the PAC-12 Tournament in Las Vegas. 

The Beavers are projected to play USC Trojans on Wednesday with tip-off at 8:30 p.m.

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