Corvallis woman charged with attempted assault

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Kelsy Valentine, News Contributor

On Monday morning just after 8 a.m., two Corvallis residents engaged in a verbal argument, resulting in physical assault and a handgun being discharged, police say.

Corvallis residents Tyler Morin, 27, and Acacia Morin, 23, entered a verbal argument about their marriage where during the argument, police say Acacia began striking Tyler with both her hands and then with a bat.

Acacia then allegedly grabbed a handgun and Tyler attempted to defend himself and the two became entangled, during which Acacia allegedly discharged the weapon once. The bullet missed Tyler, but struck and continued through the wall, then passed closely by a male neighbor who was sitting on his couch. The bullet became lodged in another wall, where it was later recovered by investigators.

Acacia then exited the apartment, allegedly vandalized Tyler’s vehicle, and left the area. When police arrived on the scene, Acacia was gone but was later contacted and interviewed. 

She was then arrested and is being charged with first and second degree attempted assault, coercion, menacing, unlawful use of a weapon and reckless endangering. Acacia is currently being held in the Benton County Jail.

This is an ongoing story and updates will be made as the story progresses.

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