Beaver baseball dominates against the recently victorious Nevada Wolf Pack


Morgan Barnaby

Kyle Dernedde swings at a pitch thrown by the Nevada Wolf Pack on Mar 14 at Goss Stadium in Corvallis

Audrey Anderson, Sports Contributor

The Oregon State Beavers beat the Nevada Wolf Pack with a 12-1 win Wednesday at Goss Stadium. Nevada had previously beaten the Beavers 5-1 on Tuesday night.

The Beavers came out of the gate swinging, attacking the ball with ferocity and scoring five runs in the first inning. 

Starting pitcher Justin Thorsteinson refused to let the Wolf Pack challenge the Beavers, shutting them out for two innings. However, a pitching change occurred at the top of the third inning.

Sophomore David Grewe from Richland, Washington, took over as pitcher. The Beavers were able to continue their shutout streak by ending the top of the third inning with a double play.

Tanner Smith, sophomore catcher from Chandler, Arizona, and Kyle Dernedde, junior infielder from Tualatin, Oregon, proved to be a menacing duo. They hit back-to-back doubles and scored a combined total of three runs during the bottom of the third inning.

The bottom of the fourth inning proved difficult for the Wolf Pack with a miscommunication between the pitcher and the second base men, causing a throwaway ball to the outfield. This error allowed the Beavers to score a run.

As the night continued, the fast-paced attacks from the Beavers slowly dissipated. The fifth and sixth innings presented no runs from both teams.

Victor Quinn, sophomore pitcher from O’Fallon, Missouri, could not follow the strike-out pitching from third pitcher Nelson Keljo, a freshman from Portland, Oregon. Quinn allowed the Wolf Pack their first game run during the 7th inning.

Quinn was quickly pulled from the mound and replaced by Braden Boisvert, the Sonoita Arizona junior who shut down the forward advances from Nevada.

At the bottom of the seventh inning, Beavers’ Dallas Macias, the freshman infielder from Parker, Colorado, and Easton Talt the, the freshman catcher from Everette, Washington, proved to be great additions to the team.

Macias scored a triple and helped earn his team two runs, while Talt scored a single. Both hits were the first of the players’ season.

When asked about the decision to put unseasoned players in, assistant coach Rich Dorman stated, “You just have to get your guys out and get them experience.”

Even after the surprising ending of the seventh inning, the Beavers could not make headway during the eighth inning, with both teams shut out quickly by the pitchers.

With Boisvert’s game-ending shutout in the ninth inning, the battle against the Beavers and the Wolf Pack ended. 

With newfound confidence after their win against Nevada, the Beavers will now head to Stanford to play a three-game series this weekend against the Cardinal.

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