Update on particulate matter found in OSU water


Jiratana Tungkawachara

A City of Corvallis maintenance unit draining water from a local fire hydrant on Oregon State University’s campus, photographed on April 14 in Corvallis. City of Corvallis officials are working with OSU staff to determine how particles ended up in the facility’s water.

Nino Paoli, News Reporter

More information surrounding the particulate matter found in water on Oregon State University’s campus on April 13 and 14 provided by the OSU director of communication and web explains how the situation occurred. 

During the afternoon of April 14, following the shut off of water fountains in the Memorial Union and Student Experience Center, subsequent testing of a fire hydrant located between the Memorial Union and Student Experience Center found no contamination in the building’s water. 

The particulate matter that was present in the water was made up of naturally occurring iron deposits found in water lines, Erin Martin, the director of communications and web, said. 

“The word ‘contamination’ suggests effects to public health,” Martin said. “Particulate matter typically found in water pipes was found to be in a higher volume in the water in these buildings on Friday due to routine maintenance of a campus water line by the city of Corvallis.” 

According to Martin, the water was tested after flushing the hydrant for about 30 minutes, and readings showed the particulate matter at a lower volume, accepted as normal for city water. Building staff then followed up by flushing the faucets and water fountains within the buildings, which resolved the issue.

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