Beaver baseball’s strong bat presence helps them win series against Utah Utes


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Maggie Akins, Sports Contributor

On Sunday, the Beavers held down the Utah Utes to a total of four runs after an unusual loss on Friday and a close score on Saturday’s game.

“Feeling a lot better…We were very uncharacteristic of what we are capable of doing and what we’ve shown all year,” said head coach Mitch Canham.

The Beavers made their stance strong right off the bat in the first and second inning, gaining six runs – four in the first and two in the second. The Utes only managed to get one run in the second.

The Utes thought they could get some momentum in the top of the sixth, yet the Beavers seemed to have silenced them.

This makes the 11-4 win over the Utes look like it was done in blowout fashion.

The strong Beavers offensive did showcase what they can do with each and every one of them contributing to getting on bases:

  • junior Brady Kasper put on a show with his triple and double
  • sophomore Mason Guerra keeps proving himself of being an effective player in the line-up
  • sophomore Travis Bazzana keeps surprising and not surprising the fans with his talents as he hit a singular home-run and was the only one to do so
  • sophomore Mikey Kane made a stance with his four runners batted in (RBIs)

On the pitching side of things, two Beavers pitchers caught attention. Starting junior pitcher AJ Lattery started strong, opening the first inning with three strikeouts.

There was an incident with a Utes batter, as Lattery hit him with a pitch and the batter went out, seemed to go through concussion protocol, and was back in and played throughout the remainder of the game. Lattery pitched until the fifth inning and six strikeouts.

Beaver freshman pitcher Aiden Jimenez went in top of the sixth.

“It was a little rough to start…I feel like now that I’ve been here for a good amount of time now I’ve learned to overcome some things and some things aren’t going to go my way sometimes,” Jimenez said.

This was the final PAC-12 conference play of the season for the Beavers as the game ended with a violation and the Utes batter not finishing out.

The Beavers next face the Portland Pirates on Tuesday at 5:35 p.m. in Ron Tonkin Field in Hillsboro.

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