High temperatures forecasted for Corvallis starting this weekend

Gabriel Braukman, News Contributor

The sun on May 9 from the OSU parking garage. Beginning Friday, May 12, temperatures will begin to rise past 80 degrees. (Ashton Bisner)

Say goodbye to Oregon’s overcast spring weather, and prepare for the summer to begin this week.  

Over the upcoming days, the temperature in the Corvallis area is expected to gradually increase. Starting with this Wednesday and Thursday sitting at comfortable, sunny temperatures in the low 70s.

This coming Friday marks the beginning of an upward temperature trend, with high temperatures expected to reach 81 degrees. 

With the weekend comes an even greater temperature increase. High temperatures in the upper 80s on Saturday are anticipated, with Sunday predicted to reach the week’s highest point at 93 degrees. 

This upwards trend is currently forecasted to extend into next week as well, with temperatures around the mid to high 80s sticking until later next week. 

Currently, there are no forecasts predicting rainy or stormy weather for this weekend. However, there is a chance of stormy weather this upcoming Tuesday. 

Students and Corvallis community members sit under covered seating in front of the Valley Library on May 9. With weather patterns shifting towards warmer and sunnier days, more and more people seem to be enjoying the outdoor atmosphere.
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