Corvallis Police Log: July 20-25

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Adriana Gutierrez, News Contributor

July 20

Criminal Trespass 2

At approximately 11 a.m., an officer was dispatched to Benton Plaza on SW Monroe Avenue on a report of a woman trespassing who had allegedly been seen trespassing before and banned from the property.

Four hours later the officer located the woman on NW Fifth Street and cited her for trespassing in the second degree.

Criminal Trespass 2

An officer responded to a call of trespassing for a man who had been banned from all Corvallis city parks and was found at the Corvallis skate park.

The officer cited the man and issued a 30-day prohibition notice of the man from all Corvallis parks.

Criminal Trespass 2

An officer arrived at approximately 11 p.m. to respond to a call reporting a man trespassing at the Peacock Bar & Grill on NW Second Street. The man was transported to the Law Enforcement Center and cited for trespassing in the second degree in lieu of custody.

July 21

Citation (PC or Warrant Cite)

While an officer was conducting an interview with a Corvallis resident, the officer was notified of current warrants out for the resident, a woman with warrants in Linn County, Harney County and the Albany Municipal Court.

All warrants were listed as “cite and release,” leading the officer to cite the woman for the unanswered warrants.

July 24

Criminal Trespass 2

At approximately 1:30 a.m., a Corvallis Post Office employee called in a trespass for a man who refused to leave the lobby of the establishment. An officer responded to the call and cited the man after arriving on the scene.

Failure to Appear – Bench Warrant

A woman entered the Corvallis police station to report that a person’s identification was found in her house, and when officers took her information to file the claim, they found warrants out for her failure to appear. The county scheduled a new court date and issued the woman a citation.

Failure to Appear – Bench Warrant

Two women and one man were reported to have been trespassing at the Comfort Suites early Friday morning. An officer arrived at the hotel only to find the man and one of the women, who was cited for trespassing, while the man was cited on three active warrants.

DTC Warrant

A man was arrested and taken to Benton County Jail after being found with multiple active warrants.

Consumption/Possession in Public

At approximately 3 p.m. an officer cited a man for public consumption and possession when he was found drinking an alcoholic beverage on public property owned by the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Failure to Appear – Bench Warrant

A man went to the LEC at approximately 4 p.m. to turn himself in for a warrant issued from a previous DUII charge. The man was cited, and his warrant removed from the system.

Failure to Appear – Bench Warrant

While being dispatched to the McDonalds on NW Third Street to conduct a welfare check, an officer approached a man who was drinking from an open alcoholic beverage and through the identification of this man, was able to find two active warrants out for his arrest.

The officer handcuffed the man to search for weapons or means of escape, followed by releasing the man and citing him for the warrants and issuing a new court date.

Failure to Appear – Bench Warrant

An officer contacted a man who had two active warrants out for his arrest, cited the man for the failures to appear and confirmed the warrants were removed from the system.

July 25

Criminal Mischief 3

An officer arrived at a residence on SW 11th Street at approximately 11 p.m. and approached a large group of people at the residence. The officer contacted the tenants and cited both for criminal mischief in the third degree, and issued another citation for one tenant who had an active warrant.

Failure to Appear – Bench Warrant

An officer on foot patrol approached a man in possession of an alcoholic beverage and detained the man when he identified himself and had active warrants.

Other officers arrived on the scene and found a small bag with a crystalline substance in it, appearing to be methamphetamine, but did not arrest the man for possession given that he was initially approached while with two other Corvallis residents. The man was transported to Benton County Jail after the search was conducted.

Failure to Appear – Bench Warrant

An officer was dispatched to SW Jefferson Avenue on a call of public urination and when the officer identified the man, he was found to have active warrants for his arrest. The man was cited for this warrant and notified of his new court date.

Failure to Appear – Bench Warrant

While talking with an alleged assault victim, the officer identified the woman and found an active warrant out for her arrest. The officer notified the woman of her warrant, cited her for it, and returned to the initial investigation of the assault case.

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