The Naked Crepe Cafe sets up shop on Monroe

A view of the outside of The Naked Crepe which has just recently opened was captured on Nov. 19, 2023, on Monroe Avenue.
A view of the outside of The Naked Crepe which has just recently opened was captured on Nov. 19, 2023, on Monroe Avenue.
Maya Kirschenbaum

The Naked Crepe Cafe just opened its new permanent location on NW Monroe Ave, and offers a welcoming, farm-to-table cafe experience.

“I mean, it’s always been a dream to have a cafe,” said Sarah Booth, the sole owner of The Naked Crepe Cafe. “But it started to feel more like a legitimate possibility, something that could be really well supported in the community.”

Before opening this cafe, The Naked Crepe Cafe was a booth at the Corvallis Farmers Market, and Booth also had a stand at markets on the coast. She has been actively trying to open a permanent location in Corvallis for about three years, and said that The Naked Crepe Cafe is very well supported in Corvallis.

Booth said that The Naked Crepe Cafe is the only designated crepe cafe in Corvallis, and they hand-make most of their products.

Booth said The Naked Crepe Cafe has avoided using store-bought products as much as possible.

“We try to be a little more high end and a little more house-made, a little more original,” Booth said. “So our nutella is the ‘nudetella,’ playing on the naked crepe (name), and it’s house-made. It’s roasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate, combined into a nice, thick sauce. We’re really proud of that as our own product, and it’s super popular.”

Booth also said that the Market Breakfast Crepe is popular, with spinach, scrambled local eggs and Tillamook cheddar cheese. She said that it is a good breakfast option.

“I think people really love the simple crepes that we do too,” said Angel Cardona, the restaurant manager of The Naked Crepe Cafe.

The simple crepes include “The Naked Crepe”, a crepe with cinnamon, sugar and melted butter, as well as the “Lemon Crepe”, which has fresh lemon juice, sugar and melted butter.

“Knowing your food and knowing what you’re making is really valuable,” said Cardona. “Because you want to interact with the customers and let them know what they’re eating (and) where it’s coming from.”

The Naked Crepe Cafe offers three different kinds of batters: the regular recipe, a buckwheat batter and a new vegan batter.

The buckwheat batter is gluten free, and Booth said that it was based off of the traditional French recipe for savory crepes that she says are tasty. 

“The vegan batter we are still working on,” Booth said. “But actually I think we developed something that I’m really excited about, we’re subbing banana in for the egg. And we made that this morning and it was delicious, it was really good. ”

Booth said that The Naked Crepe Cafe is excited to be working on providing vegan crepes, beyond just using the vegan batter.

“A lot of our crepes have cream and cheese and it just goes really well with crepes,” Booth said. “So we made a cashew creme fraiche this morning that was really tasty.”

All of the recipes that The Naked Crepe Cafe offers have been revised multiple times, and Booth has said that she is always trying new recipes.

Cardona also mentioned a new braised pork recipe, as well as making a quince jam along with their other jams.

“I’ve trialed every single recipe that’s come through our kitchen,” said Cardona. “So I kind of have helped tweak everything a little bit and also just kind of made everything.”

Booth said she is also very proud of their coffee; Margin Coffee Roasters from Albany, and she also expressed hopes to have more salad options in the future.

Booth has many hopes for the future of her cafe, such as being able to host classes at night, and also having the cafe as a known option for a place where people can host parties, such as showers or birthdays.

Cardona said that this new location has been successful and that customers have come in every day to sit down and eat. She was happy to say that there have been no dead days.

“I feel like we’ve already kind of outgrown this place so quickly just because we have so many people who are wanting to come and sit,” said Cardona.

For more information about The Naked Crepe Cafe, visit

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