Beaver Softball Upsets No. 12 UCLA

Paige Doerr (14) shows excitement after making it to first base at Kelly Field on March 9 in Corvallis, Oregon.
Paige Doerr (14) shows excitement after making it to first base at Kelly Field on March 9 in Corvallis, Oregon.
Taya Etzell

The Oregon State softball team defeated the No. 12 UCLA Bruins by a score of 1-0 on Sunday afternoon at Kelly Field. 

This brings the three-game series to a close, with the Bruins winning two out of three games.

Entering the game with a 15-21 record and trailing 0-2 in the series, it was senior Madison Simon’s fourth-inning single that sent freshman Kaylee Oh to home base that made the difference in the game.

The game was unlike the previous two in the series that saw the Bruins win by a combined eight runs. 

The Bruins came into Corvallis with a 22-8 record, 8-2 in conference play. 

In a game where the Beavers notched seven hits while holding the Bruins to two, junior Eliana Gottlieb single-handedly outproduced the Bruins with three hits. 

In what was a defensive game from start to finish, the Bruins only managed to make it to third base once, with no players scoring.

The Beavers, on the other hand, logged the only points they needed to win in the fourth inning. 

As the fourth inning began and the players in the dugouts chanted, singing, and encouraging their teammates, Gottlieb walked up to the plate feeling the cheers from the dugout. 

Bruins pitcher Taylor Tinslay sized her up and started her pitch. Gottlieb managed to make contact, hitting the ball to left field and making it to first. While first base was not enough for Gottlieb, it was too much for the Bruins, who caught her trying to steal second.

Next up for the Beavers was senior Abby Doerr. Doerr singled to right field, the crowd roared, and suddenly it was the Beavers’ dugout chants that could be heard, while the Bruins chants simmered down.

With Doerr on second and one out in the inning, junior Lici Campbell walked up to the hitter’s box and looked to second base. As Tinsley started winding up her pitch, Campbell got ready to swing.


Hitting the ball towards third base, Campbell sprinted for first base while Doerr made it to second. 

One out, two runners on base, scoreless game. 

After setting up shop at second base, Doerr left so that Oh could pinch-run for her, but one Doerr was not enough for the Beavers on Saturday, as freshman Paige Doerr stepped up to the plate and singled to left field. 

Oh made it to third and Campbell was safe at second.

When Simon found the bases loaded with only one out she saw an opportunity to take the lead, and made sure to put the Beavers ahead.

With a flick of the wrist from Bruins pitcher Tinsley, the ball began to careen toward Simon, but it was not Tinsley’s day. With Simon blasting the ball towards center field, Oh darted home and put the Beavers on the board and in the lead, 1-0.

For the game, Gottlieb led the Beavers with three hits and an RBI, going three for three, while Paige Doerr added another hit for the Beavers.

It was all the Beavers would need in their win.

With the series having ended, the Beavers will now turn their attention to the three-game series versus Stanford in Corvallis at Kelly Field, on Friday at 4 p.m.

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