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ASOSU passes resolution for OSU to divest from companies ‘involved in violations of Palestinian rights’

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Editor’s note: Last names at the May 8 ASOSU senate meeting were not provided.

Senators of the Associated Students of Oregon State University passed a resolution calling for OSU administrators to “divest from the ongoing illegal occupation of Palestine and genocide of Palestinians” on Wednesday evening, according to Senate Resolution 83.09.

In summary, the resolution addresses OSU’s active investment in companies “complicit in the genocide of the Palestinian people.” 

This includes companies such as PepsiCo/Sabra Hummus and Hewlett-Packard (HP), which have been identified as ongoing monetary contributors to the war, according to the resolution and Human Rights Watch, an international non-governmental organization that researches and advocates for human rights.

The resolution, written by Senator Narmeen Rashid, calls for administrators to review OSU’s investment portfolio in totality and to divest funds from companies which “contribute significantly to human rights abuses against Palestinians.” 

Though Rashid authored the resolution, it was not written on behalf of ASOSU. 

The resolution cites ties between PepsiCo/Sabra and HP and profits from what the resolution says are “the crimes of Israel,” and follows a pro-Palestine sit-in and march on May 2.

The passage of the resolution was preceded by a heavy discussion among ASOSU representatives and the gallery, some called to table the bill while others felt it was an urgent matter to address. 

Fifteen senators voted in favor of the resolution and two abstained.

A petition, also introduced by Rashid, garnered over 1,200 signatures on Both the resolution and the petition stated, “We believe that educational institutions should uphold values of justice and equality, not contribute towards human suffering.”

Around the country, collegiate students and faculty have called for their institutions to divest from these companies and others as part of the pro-Palestine Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement.

According to the resolution, the movement upholds values of “freedom, justice, and equality,” and “calls on the international community to pressure Israel to comply with international law.”

At the senate meeting, Noah, a sixth-year physics Ph.D. student, read part of a speech delivered by Maya Buzzell, president of the Coalition of Graduate Employees, at a teach-in earlier that day.

“Those protesting in America, our fellow students and educators, are being met with violence for daring to speak out,” Noah read. 

Anna, an attendee at the senate meeting said there is a narrative about actions of students on college campuses in the United States being antisemitic.

“I would like you to know that as a Jewish student at OSU, I wholeheartedly support this bill, and I hope that you all, as being representing members of the OSU student body, can take that stand,” Anna said. 

The bill will be sent to ASOSU President Carissa O’Donnell to either accept or veto. 

If accepted, the bill will be sent to OSU President Jayathi Murthy, members of the OSU Board of Trustees and additional administration members.

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