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Silent disco to take place at Valley Library

Photo contributed by Sara Trott
An undated photo of the Valley Library Rotunda. The space will host a silent disco event on May 31.

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The Valley Library Rotunda will become a dance floor on Friday as the library hosts a free silent disco event on the main floor from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

According to Sara Trott, equipment coordinator at the Valley Library, the event will be a dance party but the music will be played through headphones that will be provided next to the library entrance. Furniture will be moved to make room for the silent disco and a nearby classroom will be repurposed as a “calm room.” According to the event’s web page, no registration is required.

Trott said that the idea behind the silent disco is to reduce the amount of distractions for people with sensory issues. To that end, the headphones will have an adjustable volume and there will be no decorations.

“We’re doing this right before dead week, so (the event) hopefully just gives people a chance to have a break and just prepare for the busyness that’s coming ahead,” Trott said.

According to Megan Vazquez, assistant station manager for KBVR-FM, at every hour three DJs from KBVR will be providing music to three different channels that participants can switch between. Headphones will also glow a certain color based on the channel that it is on.

DJs will perform popular music within a genre of their choice. So far, the list of genres will include pop, folk, indie and rock, although the list is still in development. One of the channels will be reserved for relaxing, meditation-style music.

According to Vazquez, the event is also a chance for the DJs to work outside of the usual booth and radio.

“Most of the time you’re in the booth by yourself or with just one other person so it can feel really singular,” Vazquez said. “ I think the opportunity to be part of a group event where (the DJs) could work with, get to meet other people on campus and play music and get to watch the reactions of people in real time probably makes them feel like ‘Oh, I want to do that more.’”

According to Darlene Seltzer, marketing and outreach coordinator for Counseling and Psychological Services, the calm room is meant to create a tranquil space for students who are interested in stress-relieving activities or are taking a break from dancing.

CAPS will be offering various activities in the calm room, including kinetic sand, origami paper, coloring, puzzles, a neck massager and more. According to Seltzer, these activities promote mindfulness by making participants stay present in the moment through their concentration on the activity.

“I suggested this meditation idea, the meditation room … to make sure that we include students that may deal with social anxiety and sensory issues so that they feel like there’s a welcome space for them at an event where normally it could be more of a party feel,” Vazquez said.

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