Do’s and Don’ts of first football gameday

The Beavers take the field following the honoring of seniors for their matchup versus ASU on Nov. 16 in Reser Stadium. 

This article is a part of the START issue, a guide for all incoming Oregon State University students and their families going through START, which aims to help familiarize them with the campus, college life, academic success and more.

Everyone remembers their first game as a student, maybe not the specifics but the feeling you get as part of Beaver Nation. Cheering on your school with people you may have never met before, all joined by the love of the game and the team. It’s one of those moments that make you realize, ‘Wow, this is what college is about.’

Before the game, there are certain things you should know to make the experience more enjoyable and memorable. This comes from personal experience as a recent first-year student and some advice from seasoned veterans. 

DO: Get to Reser Stadium an hour before the game starts

This may sound crazy because even though there are a massive amount of open seats for students, it fills up surprisingly fast. There are no assigned seats so it’s first come first serve, and you’re better off showing up early and getting good seats instead of showing up later and finding the student section is already full. The earlier you are, the better seat you can find.

DON’T: Bring unneeded possessions 

Some might want to bring an umbrella, a sign, some snacks, a water bottle, a backpack, etc. While the planning ideal is great, limit yourself to just a few items. The student section is consistently filled to the brim leaving you with little personal space. The games are more enjoyable when you don’t have to keep track of things to take back home. Don’t worry about food, that’s what concessions are for. Qdoba and the ever-popular Dutch Bros are some of the main features at Reser. Always be sure to check the bag policy and outside food/drink policy for the stadium before your first game. 

DO: Find out how to get your tickets online

Oregon State has made it very easy and convenient to get your free student tickets. Your resident RA’s are a great source of knowledge and OMN has just published an article on how to get your tickets as well. Once the tickets are on your phone, all you need to do is have security scan it and you’re in! Simple as that. 

DON’T: Leave a mess

This one is self-explanatory. Reser Stadium is a wonderful place and it’s part of our job as students to keep it that way. Trash cans and recycling are found throughout the stadium as well as various carts filled with napkins. There is no need to make the custodians’ job harder than they already are. 

DO: Bring your school spirit

At first, you may feel out of place. After all, you aren’t used to this; new environment, new people, new expectations. But at the end of the day, you are now a part of Beaver Nation. You belong here and you have to show it. Be loud, shout the chants even if you don’t know them by heart yet. That will come with time. Wear your orange and black gear, bring out the facepaint–but not with your whole face painted black–and the foam fingers. There is no better time than a home football game. 

These are just a few things to keep in mind once fall comes back around. The first home football game is currently scheduled for Sept. 12. However you go about it, your first game will still be an experience you’ll want more of, no matter the final score. 

And whatever you do, don’t show up in green and yellow.

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