Update: Oregon State University outlines plan for fall term operations

The Weatherford residence hall on the Oregon State University Corvallis campus.

Jade Minzlaff, News Contributor

Oregon State University administration has announced plans to hold fall term classes of 50 people or fewer in person and plans to continue the on-campus living requirement for freshmen. 

As Oregon is in the beginning stages of reopening from COVID-19 closures, OSU administration plans to resume on-campus classes. 

According to an email sent out to all incoming students by Noah Buckley, director of Admissions, most class sections with 50 or fewer students will be delivered in person. Exceptions allowing for more than 50 students are possible and will be decided by the academic college. 

According to Vice Provost for Student Affairs Dan Larson, the determination of class size will be based on the advice of the Oregon Health Authority and the physical size of each classroom in question. 

Additionally, according to Buckley, the 50 number is fluid, and won’t apply to every class, meaning that larger groups are possible. All class sections delivered traditionally must provide remote alternatives to those who need the accommodation, unless unable to do so. 

As classes in person resume, all classes held on-site will enforce social distancing policies. Increased sanitation measures will also be implemented. 

To avoid the risk of students who travel over Thanksgiving break bringing COVID-19 to Corvallis, week 10 and finals week of fall term will be held remotely. However, students living on campus will still be permitted to return after the break. 

According to Larson, incoming first-year students will still be required to live on campus in the fall. For students who have medical conditions that put them at a higher risk, or feel unsafe in the population-dense housing, Larson said exemption options will be available.  

According to Larson, unless a reliable vaccine is introduced before the start of winter term, OSU policies in the fall term regarding COVID-19 are expected to carry over into the winter term of 2021. 

Alix Gitelman, vice provost for undergraduate education, Noah Buckley, director of admissions and Steve Clark, vice president of University Relations and Marketing, did not respond to requests for comment by the time of publishing.

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