Corvallis Police Log: May 11-17

General Police Log Graphic

Tanveer Sandhu, Crime Beat Reporter

May 11

Trespass 2

An officer arrested a woman who was trespassing at the Super 8 Motel. She had also trespassed at the same property earlier that day.

Interfere with Making a Report

An officer arrested a man for Interfering with Making a Report when he had tried to take the phone away from his mother while she called 911 during a verbal argument. The officer gave the man a no contact release and cited him in lieu of custody.

Later that day, the man returned to the same address despite being given a no-contact release. An officer arrested him for violating his release agreement and transported him to Benton County Jail, where he was released the next day.

May 12

Possession of Methamphetamine

Officers responded to Central Park to the report of an unresponsive man who was foaming in the mouth. An officer identified the man who appeared to be in severe medical distress. The man had a bicycle and bag with him, and in the midst of searching for medical items in the bag that could help him, the officer also located a methamphetamine pipe. The man was charged for possession of methamphetamine.

May 14

Fugitive From Justice

An officer stopped a red 1997 Ford Crown Victoria for speeding at 41 miles per hour in a 30-mile speed zone. The officer learned the driver had a suspended violation and no insurance in the car, and that the back seat passenger had two warrants for his arrest.

The passenger gave the officer permission to search the vehicle, and the officer located small amounts of heroin and methamphetamine residue and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. The back seat passenger was charged with Fugitive From Justice for his two arrest warrants.

May 15

Trespass 2

An officer was near the back alley of The Angry Beaver sports bar, where they observed three men sitting underneath the covered area of the restaurant. The officer issued each man a citation in lieu of custody for trespass in the second degree.

May 16

Possession Methamphetamine

An officer initiated a traffic stop at the intersection of 14th Street and Jackson Avenue on a bicycle for having no front light. Dispatch confirmed the man riding the bicycle had a Benton County Circuit Court warrant for possession of methamphetamine, and the officer issued the man a citation in lieu of arrest.

Criminal Trespass 2

An officer was dispatched to the report of a man trespassing at Walmart. The officer located the man, confirming he had been previously trespassed from the same location and issued him a citation in lieu of custody for criminal trespass in the second degree.

May 17

Loud Noise

An officer responded to Oak Avenue for a noise complaint. A man was reported to be sitting in his van, revving the engine and honking the horn. The officer knew this was an ongoing issue with the man, and warned the man—who was intoxicated—to stop his behavior and leave his vehicle turned off as the man reported living out of it. The officer did not observe any violations at that time.

Later that night, the officer responded to another complaint regarding the same behavior the man was exhibiting earlier. This time the man was so intoxicated that it was impossible to hold a conversation with him, and the officer issued him a citation for loud noise, as well as a special response notice.

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