Sports Breakdown: Wrestling

OSU redshirt junior wrestler Adam Rateb works to pin his opponent versus Northern Colorado.

Wrestling is a historic, combat sport with the main objective of beating your opponent either by points or pinning the other to the ground. 

Wrestlers looking to compete in their weight class while following the fundamentals to ensure they do not hurt themselves or their opponent. Some fundamentals include an athletic stance, escape and takedown. These fundamental moves will allow a player to safely compete with their opponent. 

A wrestling match is won by either of two ways. A match can be won based on a point system, where players can earn points after executing different moves. After the three two-minute periods and both of the players are left standing, the victor will be the opponent who scored the most points. 

Points can be lost if a player commits an infraction. These can include illegal holds, unsportsmanlike conduct, unnecessary roughness or stalling. If a player is guilty of an infraction, points will be awarded to their opponent. A wrestling match is also won if the opponent is pinned. Once a player is pinned, the match is over regardless of whether or not there are more rounds left. 

Athletes spend much of the offseason preparing their bodies for their season. These athletes spend countless hours conditioning to be in their peak performance while also qualifying for their competition weight class. Strength training, endurance, flexibility are three important factors in ensuring success on the mat. Having muscles conditioned will prevent common injuries such as muscle strains, sprains, and concussions during this combat sport. Other ways wrestlers need to prepare is by following a nutritious diet and maintaining a healthy water intake. 

Wrestling matches go quickly, yet they are physically demanding on the body. Wrestlers need to have a sense of mental toughness and style to succeed in the competition. Each wrestler’s style can be different. Having a grasp on what works for each athlete will be an important aspect of any match.

Wrestling season starts in October or November and ends in March at the NCAA tournament. Look out for the Beavers this coming fall as the NCAA tournament was canceled due to coronavirus.  


  • Athletic Stance: Position and posture on the mat. This improves stability.

  • Penetration Step: An offensive move that can lead to a score.

  • Referee’s Position: This is a starting position where one wrestler is in the top position while the opponent is on the bottom.

  • Takedown: A move to get the opponent to the floor.

  • Finish: Getting your opponent in a position to pin their shoulders to the mat for two seconds.

  • Pin or Fall: End of match.

Point Breakdowns: 

  • Reversal: 2 points

  • Escape: 1 point

  • Takedown: 2 points

  • Illegal hold: 1 point for your opponent

  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct: 1 point for your opponent

  • Unnecessary Roughness: 1 point for your opponent

  • Stalling: 1 point for your opponent after you receive one warning; disqualification on the fifth stalling violation 

Notable Athletes:

OSU Graduate Student Amar Dhesi (2019)

OSU Redshirt Senior Ronnie Bresser (2019) 

Team USA #3 Bruce Baumgartner (1992) 

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