Wednesday Win: Volleyball defeats Creighton in NCAA Tournament in 2014

Four Oregon State seniors share a moment in their last regular season game after a dominating win in the Civil War on Nov. 28, 2014 in Gill Coliseum before advancing to the NCAA Tournament. From left to right: Senior middle blocker Arica Nassar (#40), redshirt senior outside hitter Laura Schaudt (#22), redshirt senior setter Tayla Woods (#21), senior middle blocker Amanda Brown (#17)

Although the Oregon State Volleyball team qualified for the NCAA tournament in 2001, it would not be until 2014 where the Beavers would get their first win in the national tournament against the Creighton University BlueJays. 

Heading into the game, both teams had impressive winning records. The Beavers sat at 19-12 and were coming off of a win against the No. 13 Oregon Ducks, beating them three sets to one. The Bluejays were 25-7 and had just won the Big East Tournament, defeating both the Xavier Blue Bobs and the Seton Hall Pirates by a score of three sets to one. Both teams knew the winner of this game would move on in the tournament and the loser would go home. 

The Beavers won the first set by a score of 25-21. After trailing by seven points, OSU rallied back to gain the lead and senior Arica Nassar scored a kill for her team, winning the first set. 

The Beavers would also win the second set by a score of 25-24. A very tight set, both teams exchanged hits and kills, trying to secure a much needed win in the set for their team. However, when the score was at 24-24, with the next point winning the set, OSU freshman Mary-Kate Marshall won the set for the Beavers as her serve was deflected off of Creighton junior Annika Welty. 

OSU now led the game two sets to none. If they won the next set, they would advance in the tournament and continue to fight for a chance at the national championship. 

The Creighton Bluejays, however, stopped the bleeding, and won the third set by a score of 25-19. The Bluejays rallied back after being down for a majority of the set. Similar to the previous set, sophomore Ally Van Eekeren secured the win for her team as her serve was deflected off of Marshall. 

The game was now two sets to one, with the Beavers still holding on to the lead. The Bluejays showed the Beavers that they were not going to go down without a fight. 

Although it was a close fourth set, the Beavers led the Bluejays the entire set, doing everything they could to win and finish the game. The final moments included a hit by OSU senior Megan Brown was deflected off of Creighton freshman Megan Skovsende. As the ball went out of bounds, the Beavers knew that they won the game and had earned their first program victory in the national tournament. 

The Beavers went on to defeat the UALR Trojans by a score of three sets to two sets in the second round of the tournament, advancing to the Sweet 16. Despite a hard fought effort from Oregon State, the #1 Stanford Cardinals won in the Sweet 16 by a score of three sets to one set, ending the Beaver’s incredible tournament run. 

That was the last time OSU Volleyball qualified for the national tournament. Heading into this next season, the Beavers will have to continue to work hard to qualify again for the national tournament and make a statement to the country. 

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