Students find creative ways to spark romance amid global pandemic

By Claire Nelson
Tinder, a popular dating app, insists that social distancing can still be social. Many college students have increased their usage of Tinder during this global pandemic, finding digital ways to talk to new people.

Teresita Guzman Nader, News Reporter

While everybody is cooped up in their homes, potentially isolated, people have turned to social media to stay connected to others, and with that comes online dating. Some people have even gotten creative and made quarantine-specific pickup lines to break the ice with their online matches. 

In an email, Karl McOmber fourth-year political science student said his favorite part of online dating during quarantine is that there are more people using it than before. 

“Usually, I would get a match or two a week. Now, I am getting upwards of five-10 easy. Except I can’t really meet with any of them,” McOmber said via email. “I have not met with anyone on Tinder since the quarantine started. I wouldn’t mind meeting with a girl, but none of my matches have wanted to because of the quarantine itself.” 

Some students have found other ways to date while respecting social distancing guidelines, like video chat and other remote alternatives. 

“I tried a Zoom date with this dynamite gal named Tracy and it was a really nice, super cool way to meet people,” said Joshua Spears, fourth-year student double majoring in fisheries and wildlife and marine conservation, via email.

McOmber said he had done some research through social media sites to find good quarantine pick up lines for his matches.

“Here are a few examples, they are all cheesy; Is heaven your quarantine zone? Because I think you’re an angel. You can’t spell virus without U and I. Even during this pandemic, the most contagious thing is your smile,” McOmber said via email.

In an email, Cera Blakely, second-year international business major, said she has been using Tinder and Bumble during this quarantine, and she thinks there are more people using the apps because more people have messaged her, and replied faster. She also had a couple of her matches give her some pickup lines.

“I have seen several, but some honorable mention [pickup lines] are ‘sorry… but I think I’m lost, do you have a map to your heart I can have?’ and ‘wait are you a drill sergeant? Cus’ you’re making my privates stand at attention,’ and of course, can’t forget about ‘you’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line,’” Blakely said via email.

McOmber said he hopes to find a nice girl and start a decent relationship with the help of the dating applications.

“What I want from Tinder is the same thing I’ve always wanted I suppose, to meet a nice girl and start a decent relationship, which has already happened a few times over the years,” McOmber said via email. “Still, the hookup aspect of the app is pretty nice for single people who are not looking for anything serious. On this, I won’t lie.”

In an email, Zefan Losli, third-year mechanical engineering student, said he enjoys using dating apps during this quarantine because it keeps him busy.

“It gives me something to do, and it seems like I’m getting more matches which is pretty cool, not that I can meet any of them for quite a while. Still, it’s fun to talk to people,” Losli said in an email. 

Due to the pandemic many dating apps such as Match have started to give their users special offers. Match’s Dating while Distancing hotline is now available 12 hours a day for free for users. The Plenty of Fish app is launching its LIVE! feature to allow users to connect during isolation. Tinder is allowing users to use the passport feature to match with people around the world while respecting social distancing. 

“My favorite part is passporting to different cities and getting that, ‘we’re all in this together’ feeling from around the world,” Faelan Cabral, fourth-year music student, said via email.

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