Corvallis Police Log: Feb 20-24

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Michael Eubanks, Crime Beat Reporter

Feb. 20

Warrant Arrests for Drug Possession and Trespassing

Officers responded to a residential area of Northwest Corvallis in regards to a call of a suspect screaming in the area.

When checking the area, the officers located the suspect walking eastbound on NW Garfield Avenue. An officer asked the suspect if he was alright and the suspect responded that he was “high on life”. When checking the suspect’s personal information with dispatch, the officer was advised that there were three valid warrants for his arrest.

The warrants were for Possession of Methamphetamine/Criminal Trespass out of Benton County, Possession of Hydrocodone out of Linn County and DUII out of Salem Municipal Court. The officer then arrested the suspect and transported him to the Benton County Jail. He was released later in the day.

Criminal Trespass 2

Two officers were dispatched to a Starbucks in downtown Corvallis for a report of a male suspect trespassing.

The officers arrived and made contact with a female employee, who told them she observed a male open a 2 Towns Ciderhouse alcoholic beverage. The employee asked the male to leave several times, but he remained seated. She told the officers that she wanted him to move along and be issued an official trespass notice.

An officer contacted the male and asked him to leave the store. Once outside, the officer completed a trespass notice and explained it to him. The officer also offered a business card to the male, though he declined to accept it.

Feb. 21

Interfering with a Peace Officer

An officer responded to a call at an unnamed establishment on NW Kings Boulevard for a welfare check. The caller reported that a male was talking to himself and then seemed to be “passed out”. The officer made contact with the male, who was urinating in public. The officer attempted to stop him for that violation, but the male refused his orders.

The officer then arrested the male for Interfering with a Peace Officer. The male was high on methamphetamine and marijuana, and was very intoxicated by alcohol, according to the official arrest log. He was transported to the Benton County Jail and released the next day.

Reckless Driving/DUII

An officer was on a traffic stop at the intersection of NW Harrison Boulevard and NW 10th Street when a car passed his vehicle at an uncomfortably close distance. The vehicle did not appear to slow down when passing and there was no obstruction preventing the vehicle from moving over to the next lane of travel.

The officer conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle, and the driver showed signs of impairment. The driver consented to a field sobriety test and was subsequently arrested for DUII. She provided a breath sample and had a BAC of .21%.

She was issued citations for Driving while Intoxicated and Reckless Driving.

Feb. 24

Public Urination

An officer was in the parking lot of the Fred Meyer on Kings Boulevard when she observed a male she had known from previous contact turn toward the garden center fence and place his hands near his groin.

The officer approached the male and saw a stream of liquid coming from his pants. She confronted the male about leaving the store, which has a restroom, to come outside and urinate in public. The male said he was sorry.

The officer then advised the male to walk to the patrol car and he continued to urinate as he walked along the sidewalk. The male also had chicken wings, which he was eating. The officer asked him where he got the chicken wings, and he said they were from Fred Meyer, which confirmed that he had just been in a building with a restroom.

The officer then issued and explained to the male a citation for urinating in public. The officer noted that this was the second time she had witnessed the male urinating in public.

Aggravated Harassment/Disorderly Conduct 2/Assault 4/Criminal Trespass 2

Officers responded to a call at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Northwest Corvallis for a report of a disorderly subject escalating his behavior with staff.

Upon arrival at the hospital, officers witnessed a male actively fighting with staff and being restrained by approximately 20 employees. While restraining the male, he intentionally spit in an officer’s eyes and mouth in addition to kicking a nurse.

The male was taken into custody and transported to the Benton County Jail. He was released the following day.

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