Unity log: A record of kindness in Corvallis during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Daily Barometer is collecting and publishing stories of goodwill from Corvallis community members as a record of unity during the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic and time of social distancing. Submit a story here: https://forms.gle/mYnxrbR9W25rsPoT7

“A group of current OSU students, former OSU students, and Corvallis-Albany community members have formed the COVID Response Collective (CRC). The CRC a digital mutual aid group designed to help those in need during the pandemic and has over 240 members on an online server. So far through community donations, the CRC has raised thousands of dollars to help those in need. They’ve built handwashing stations, distributed thermometers, delivered groceries, and provide a support network to those struggling with social distancing.”

Sarah Weaver


March 26, 2020

“The COVID Response Collective was started by Shreyans Khunteta, who is an Oregon State University alumni. The collective rose out of a need to response to the community in a way that government has not; and that’s by donating their time to go and gather thermometers or hand sanitizers to distribute to those who cannot leave their homes. It’s by connecting with each other through the Discord channel, asking how everyone is doing with their health, physical, mental and emotional. Shrey, along with other members of the leadership team (who I believe are all either alums or current students at OSU), are organizing in multiple ways from money and resource distribution to creating digital content to party/social planning. They have found a way to build community by coming together to help. I’m only giving a small section of the work they’ve done and continue to do. I would seriously reach out to them on their Facebook page: COVID Response Collective Group.”

Brandi Douglas

Assistant Director of Outreach, Office of Institutional Diversity

March 28, 2020

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