Student on the Street: What advice do you have for those looking for housing?

Adriana Gutierrez, News Contributor

Fischer Hill

Mechanical Engineering

“Yard work sucks…make sure you have a car or you live close.” 

Daniel Goddard

Chemical Engineering

“Something relating to how you split up bills or having roommates in general. No one really tells you, you’re going to have to pay for your power bill…also how to deal with neighbors if you’re too loud and the cops come.”

Barry Nigal

Mechanical Engineering

“Make sure you always have a lease and you know how much everything costs, electricity, utilities, all of that.”

Janani Swaninadhan


“I didn’t know about the bus services before I came here so I was hesitant to find a place too far away, but then I realized we have free buses so two miles [isn’t too far away].”

Kaylee Wallace

Marine Biology

“Make sure you know the bus systems because you might not always have a car…if you can avoid using an Uber you should.”

Benjamin Gentile

Nuclear Engineering

“Be better at cooking, learn how to do bills.”

Luc Bouchard

Computer Science

“A lot of students think that they can find a place and work on it…you can’t hesitate and you can’t compare, you just got to go for it.” 

Evani Quinonez


“Live somewhere close…within six or seven blocks. You can bike, you can walk, it’s really convenient.” 

Jinal Patel

Studio Art, Art History

“I wish I knew I had a lot of options to choose from and what type of house I wanted to live in.” 

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